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I am a product to do design, no less to to learn.

Thank you for your predecessors to share, benefited.

Now the first edition has been on the line, some of which share some of the experience and give us some inspiration.

Many places are still very rough ...

So call a professional interactive designer to join the rescue ... (coordinates Beijing noisy gongs and drums alley near courtyard)

App Design ideas:

1, efforts to reflect the direct contact of people-> people, and Non-human->app-> people.

2, creation and exploration of the two major functions in a progressive way to contact. (Just like the indoor and outdoor space in the building needs the entrance to make the transition)

3, scalability of the UI design

The biggest pain of all is the use of non-standard interactions to create problems. Like what

1. Horizontal scrolling leads to low content density

2, horizontal scrolling and access to the next level of directory is too similar to the dynamic effect

3. Explore the contradictions between stream and subscriber stream

4, approximate color How to show a reasonable level of texture

The following body

Registration page: Choose the city's Black-and-white photos with the yellow button (gloomy world of light ...)

Homepage: The original long-standing problem, used to explore and create two pages see the switch.

The home page program that was eliminated

Profile page

Tangle of Cards: It's nice to find a custom cover in paper 53, but the trouble is that it needs someone else to see it. So you need to display the title, status, internal card number, so how to visit and also good-looking, it is more tangled.

Icon:ios8 's flat style (in fact, not a complex vector map ...)

A set of almanac for space time.

Finally, the yuan ancestral version ... In order to achieve this, I really boast a lot of holes. (Big fish Begonia this year finally on the ... Alas

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