Apt-spy automatically find and update the fastest Debian software source tutorial

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April 14, 2016, Aliyun's Debian source hangs. The Aliyun host system that caused WENWU cannot update, and the Web service software cannot be installed. So I tried to modify the Sources.list file. The following is a summary of Wenwu, using the Apt-spy command, to automatically find and update the fastest source of Debian software.

First: Install Apt-spy, command as follows:

Apt-get Install Apt-spy

Second: Move and back up the oldest sources.list file, because this bird will back up sources.list every time. Executing the command multiple times will overwrite the first file.


Third: Update the mirrored list file with the following command:

Apt-spy Update

Four: Find Asia's fastest stable version of the image and generate sources.list files, or use the-o parameter to specify the write file

apt-spy-d stable-a asia-t 5

The-d parameter represents the required release version, stable on behalf of the stable version, testing on behalf of the beta, unstable is not stable meaning, is the development version. Production server generally choose stable version of it;

-a parameter followed by the region, the people certainly choose Asia;

The-t parameter represents the delay time, and the number 5 represents less than 5ms can be considered ....

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