ARCSDE FAQ Summary (iii)

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1: In view of the security of the system, I will regularly modify the SDE user password, so that my ARCSDE service is not affected.

Answer: This is related to the user's operating system environment and the way users start ARCSDE services

If a user uses a Windows operating system

A: If a user uses Windows to automatically start the ARCSDE service, there is definitely an impact

Because Windows Autostart ARCSDE service is a record of the SDE user's password, this password can be seen in the registry

The Sde_dba_password in the picture above is the related password, then the user's SDE user password changes, the service certainly cannot start.

The workaround is to stop the service, remove the ARCSDE service, and re-create the ARCSDE service

B: The user will use the command line to start the service on its own, which is certainly not a problem, because the password the user entered is the latest password

If the user uses a Linux operating system (non-Windows operating system)

A: In general, it will not affect the startup of the ARCSDE service because the non-Windows operating system uses manual to start the service

B: But there must be exceptions, because some users will also be in the relevant startup script to increase the automatic start of the SDE Service command, then after the modification, it will be necessary to synchronize the update of the script

How Linux automatically launches Oracle services and ARCSDE Services

TIPS: If your Oracle version is oracle11g, a 180-day password expires after the default installation and the user is locked out of the policy will not be affected

2: If you modify the IP of the ARCSDE server, whether it has an impact on the ARCSDE service startup.

A: If your ARCSDE and database are installed on the same machine, with Oracle data as an example, then the user modifies the IP of the service, as we all know, the listener and Tnsname files in Oracle may store the information that records the IP, if you record the ServerName, Then also need to look at the Windows operating system Hosts file to the machine name and IP corresponding

Oracle related file path: D:\app\Administrator\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\NETWORK\ADMIN

Listener file

  (description_list = (
      (address = (PROTOCOL = IPC) (KEY = EXTPROC1521))
      (address = (PROTOCOL = TCP) (HOST = (PORT = 1521))
Tnsname file
  (DESCRIPTION = (Address
    = (PROTOCOL = TCP) (HOST = (PORT = 1521))
    (Connect_data =
      ( SERVER = dedicated)
      (service_name = ORCL)

Hosts file path for Windows operating system: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC

Hosts file

# for example:
#          # source Server
#              # x client host

# localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.
#       localhost
#	:: 1             localhost   lish

So at least to ensure that these, in fact, if you can ensure that you modify the server IP, your Oracle normal boot no problem, that arcsde certainly no problem.

B: If it is ARCSDE and database distributed installation, modify ARCSDE machine IP, there is no problem.

3:arcgis Desktop10.1 Create ArcSDE10.1 libraries, SDE the location of the table space can be modified.

Answer: By default, the system installs the SDE tablespace to the%oracle_home% path according to the environment variable, but if the user's environment is a shared disk, this default is definitely wrong, so users can use the database to create SDE tablespace, Set the relevant path under this SQL statement.

Then the desktop will use this already existing SDE tablespace in the process of creating a geodatabase if the SDE table space already exists.

Tips: If you do not enter a table space name, the Sde_tbs table space is created and set to the default tablespace for the SDE user.

4:arcgis Desktop10.1 to create the ArcSDE10.1 library, I can set up Dbtune to store settings during previous use of the Post Installation Wizard, but ArcGIS10.1 does not have the item, what do I do with it.

Answer: In the ArcGIS10.1 version, the user needs to first create the ArcSDE10.1 library by default store, then install ArcSDE10.1 's command pack, and then modify it using the Sdedbtune command.

C:\users\administrator>sdedbtune ArcSDE 10.0 Attribute Administration Utility--------------------------------
                    ---------------------Usage for Sdedbtune:sdedbtune-o import-f <dbtune file> [-I <service>] [s <server_name>]
                    [D <database>] [-u <db_user_name>] [-P <db_user_password>] [-N]  [Q] sdedbtune-o export-f <dbtune file> [-i <service>] [s <server_name>] [D &LT;DATABASE&GT] [-u <db_user_name>] [P <db_user_password>] [Q] Sdedbtune-o list [ -I <service>] {[L {keywords|parameters}] | [k <keyword_name>]
                    [-P <parameter_name]} [s <server_name>]
                    [D <database>] [-u <db_user_name>] [-P <db_user_password>] [Q] Sdedbtune-o alter [-I <service&gt]-K <keyword_name> p <parameter_Name>-V <parameter_value> [s <server_name>] [D-<database>] [-u <db_user_name>] [-P <db_user_password>] [-N] [Q] Sdedbtune-o Insert [-i <service>]-K <keyword_name> P <parameter_name>-V & lt;parameter_value> [s <server_name>] [-D <database>] [-U <db_
                          USER_NAME&GT] [P <db_user_password>] [-n] [Q] Sdedbtune-o delete_data [-I <service>] -K <keyword_name> [P <parameter_name] [-S <server_name>] [D-<database ] [-u <db_user_name>] [P <db_user_password>] [-N] [-Q]

5:windows solutions that SDE services cannot start automatically after the operating system starts

Answer: Reference

ARCSDE FAQ Summary (i)
ARCSDE FAQ Summary (ii)

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