Are there any repeated materials?

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Are there any duplicate file comparisons? Compare the data in each row of two txt files. for example, are there any duplicates in the 1.txt 8082748265422675328295754178501705919687846775125460539949 file?
Compare the rows of data in the two txt files.
For example:
1. txt

808274 826542267532
829575 417850170591
968784 677512546053
994943 395284907536
212236 485276124525

2. txt

010653 641973541583
976885 972087709626
980109 759921215816
649015 043755572655
031179 843814920390

As shown in the following figure, check whether the data in each row in "1.txt" and" 2.txt "is repeated first,
After that, are there any duplicates in the sum of 1.txt and 2.txt data?

------ Solution --------------------
The simplest way is to read both files into an array and then use array_diff

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