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Let's call you... Shale!

You should browse the shale website (see references) to see the origins of the shale name (shale stands for "shale "). In short, shale comes from the idea that a Web framework is most effective if it exists in a function-based, loosely connected "layer" form. Each layer is basically independent of other layers and focuses on a specialized aspect. This is similar to the geological deposits near the coast that basically consist of shale, so this new frame is named Shale!

Shale is not just another revision of struts, but has been extended to a height that can be reached by struts. It contains Java WebProgramThe most important and recent development achievements in the design, including JSP standard tag Library (jstl) and JavaServer faces (JSF), are built on these development achievements. Shale should be regarded as a different framework from struts. In this series, I will return the shale framework as it is. In this monthArticleFirst, we will give an overview of the differences between shale and struts, and then take you through the steps to install shale and test the installation. Finally, I will give you some ideas, so that you can further participate in the shale project (which is open source) and provide some relevant information. The purpose of the entire series is to show you how to install shale and how to use shale to build and develop projects. It rarely involves Shale's predecessors, namely the Struts framework.

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Comment on Shale
Install Shale
Easier Method
Test installation
Shale case
In-depth study of shale!
Working with source code
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