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On the road to success, people are more important than knowledge. Developing interpersonal relationships should be your highest priority. Never eat alone introduces the 21 st Century Communication rules. The book includes many practical skills that allow you to flourish through interpersonal relationships.

Keep the essence. Here are the 106 tips summarized in the book. Practice these skills in practice and become masters of successful and fulfilling life.

1. Helping others succeed

The essence of social networking is to constantly help others to succeed in various forms. Share your knowledge and resources, time and energy, friends and relationships, sympathy and care, so as to continuously provide value to others and increase your own value.

2. Strive to make your own efforts more than reward

Because you will provide value to others, and other people will contact you. So consider others rather than yourself.

3. Do not retain

Do not think that friendship is limited. This is an investment and will roll more and more.

4. The key to success is generosity.

In social networking, you are not greedy for convenience, but generous.

5. define your life goals

The intersection between you and your desire is your passion. What is your most exciting thing? What do you think is time-consuming?

6. Clearly know what you want

The more clearly you want, the more you can find the implementation method.

7. Get used to setting goals for yourself

The simplest way to differentiate you is to set goals. Turn your dream into a goal of life, and then break it down into small ones.

8. Set a plan for interpersonal relationship development

There is a process for building a communication network. Your plan should include the following three points:

1. Your three-year goal and progress every three months.

2. List the people who can help you achieve each goal.

3. How to contact the person listed in.

Once you set a goal, you can paste it in a place you often see.

9. Create your own Think Tank"

Find people of insight who are willing to help you with their responsibilities. They are your "Think Tank "'.

10. Build a good interpersonal network before you need it

Keep in touch as early as possible before you need to use other people. It is important to treat these people as friends rather than potential customers.

11. Keep in touch with people you know

At the beginning, you should focus on people in your current network.

12. Bold

Courage is amazing. Only in this way can two people develop differently, probably because their faces are thick and thin.

13. Willing to turn to others

Willing to ask for opportunities that can be created. You should be willing to ask for help from others just as you are willing to help others. Remember, make the worst plans for others to say "no.

14. Consider gains in the face of fear

With a thick face talking to people you don't know, you will naturally be afraid of failure. This is a risky task. If you want to gain success, you must take risks. Nothing is mediocre.

15. Respect Others

Respect everyone.

16. Transparent

Openness is a helpful and very popular attitude.

17. Make friends

People who are good at communication are not "creating networks", but "Making friends ". Broad gains are natural results, not well-designed goals

18. Make preparations

Who are you going to see? How can I see it? What does he think of you after seeing you? These cannot be ignored.

19. understand people you interact

How can you have a person who knows about your contact? You can go deep into his field and talk with him professionally. You can easily get appreciation. After finding a rich and deep commonality, you will be able to easily interact and be deeply impressed.

20. Learn about other people's interests

You will soon become part of their lives.

21. Never Eat Alone

It is very easy to communicate during meals. Eating with others is an effective way of communication.

22. Manage Your Information

Effective information management is very important. If you are organized, focused, and persistent, no one will leave your network.

23. List

Sort the list by target (such as potential customers and potential employers. Not only do you need to list the relevant units, but also the persons with the right to speak in the units.

24. Know your professional authority

To achieve your goals, you need to know who is the best in your field. Lists the authority of the current field.

25. list people you already know

List people you already know: relatives, university students, past students, teachers, and colleagues .......

26. flexible organization information

You can manage the list flexibly. By location, by industry, by closeness ......

27. Use the contact list of others to add your own

Others' lists are your resources.

28. Create a "target person" list

The classification of your list can include "people who are eager to know". They are high-level people and you may want to know them in the future.

29. Contact a stranger (cold call)

When you need to call a stranger, you may feel a little scared. Just pin your head. Just think that you will succeed. Meeting a new person is a challenge and an opportunity.

30. Persistence

If you contact someone else, no response is returned. You will continue to contact them. You must take the initiative. It is even aggressive.

31. Contact the indirectly associated person (warm call)

Use the following four rules

1. Expressing Reliability: it refers to the relevant person or organization.

2. Propose value: What can you do for them?

3. Alert and convenience: In most cases, the only purpose of phone calls is to make an appointment.

4. Prepare a compromise plan: locate it at the beginning and leave room for discussion.

32. Regard the guard as an ally rather than an enemy

The guard should also be respected. Don't bother them.

33. never disappear

Remember: first, never disappear. The disappearance is worse than the failure.

34. Strive to stay visible and active

Fill your social networking, meetings, and event schedules. You must stay visible and active in your new friends and relationship networks.

35. Arrange multiple tasks together

You have to work hard to successfully contact others, but that doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of time. You can schedule the same event to save time. If you invite all the people you want to meet.

36. Have fun

Communication is interesting, not a waste of time ..

37. Share your passion

Sharing interests is the basis of any relationship. When you are really interested in something, It is very appealing ..

38. Emphasize time Quality

Friendship is based on the quality of time spent by both parties, not the quantity.

39. Follow-up or failure

When you meet people you want to contact, you must let others remember you. Follow-up is the key.

40. Follow up immediately

Follow up within 12 to 24 hours after you meet with them. Email is a quick method.

41. Do not forget to follow up again

One month later, I will send another email. Keep in touch.

42. Spend time communicating with people at the meeting

The meeting was often misunderstood as a place to look for insights. Error! Meeting has only one benefit: providing a place for like-minded people.

43. Serve as meeting organizer

Do not act only as participants; be the organizer. Prepare information in advance: see who you plan to see, how you see, and where you want to see.

44. Public Speech

Speaking is one of the simplest and most effective ways for others to remember you ..

45. Follow-up as much as possible

Do not leave the whole meeting with the best friends. Follow up others as much as possible.

46. Keep in touch with communication experts

There are many more people than we know. These people are the core of each network. If you can make friends with these people. You only need to use this person to contact thousands of people.

47. Try to have as many people as possible

(Acquaintance = people who know but are not very close to each other)

Generally, the most important people in our network are those who know each other. Why? Because our closest friends are similar to what we know. So the more people you know, the more powerful you are.

48. Meet people in various fields

We know not only the people in the logging, but also thousands of people in different fields.

49. Exchange contacts with others

The most effective way to expand your circle of friends is to connect your circle with others' circles.

50. Establish Your Organizational Committee

Politicians have an "Organizational Committee": organizes people who work in various fields. If you want to have a wider exposure to the world, you need to find a core character to serve as your "Organizational Committee member" first"

51. Improve Your "Language Fluency"

"Language Fluency": A ability to communicate with anyone and confidently under any circumstances. This is a common feature of many successful people. The ability to get along with others is more important for personal progress than anything else.

52. Be a real person

To be impressive, uniqueness is the key. To make sure they are different, you must be yourself. It is attractive to be yourself. Your uniqueness is your strength.

53. "Obedient"

The power of obedience is ignored by many people. Obeying others has a huge role in chatting.

54. Tell the truth

When you understand that the best way to break the silence is to say what you want, it's not that terrible to start a conversation.

55. Learn to use non-verbal communication

When someone else sees you, they can subconsciously decide whether they will like you in 10 seconds. Such judgment is based on the communication of the language.

56. prepare materials for discussion

Prepare things you can talk about. Focus on current affairs and cultivate some interests.

57. Learn to listen

To be understood, you must understand others first.

58. Remember others' names

Nothing sounds more comfortable than your own name.

59. Sincere

There is no doubt that if you want to be seen as a special person, you must make others think that he is very special to you.

60. Try to find out others' motivation

When you communicate with others for the first time, you can find the motivation of the other party. Their motivation is generally based on three types: making money, finding love, and changing the world.

61. Helping others fulfill their deep desires

Actively helping others solve their key problems can make their relationships very close.

62. Make yourself an indispensable person

Indispensable is very important. To be indispensable, You need to constantly convey your information, social relations, and goodwill to as many people as possible ..

63. Think about how you can make everyone around you succeed.

When someone tells you that he has encountered some problems, you have to find a solution. The solution comes from your experience, your knowledge, your friends, and your helpers.

64. Provide assistance

Do not take the initiative to help others.

65. Spread knowledge

It is also feasible to make profits through social networking when you have few financial accounts and contacts. This is to pass knowledge. You can easily learn to spread knowledge in your network.

66. Interested In others' success

If you are interested in others' success, you can become more successful within two months. You can also spend two years interested in your success. (Dell Carnegie Al)

67. Small contacts from time to time

80% of the relationships are maintained through small connections. You need to keep in touch, contact, contact ...... Never stop. You need to constantly feed your personal networks to ensure they will not wither.

68. Repeated and repeated

To let others remember you in their minds, there is a key method: Repeat ..

69. Establish a scoring system

Establishing a scoring system makes it easy for you to maintain relationships. For example:

1. "Level 1" should be contacted at least once a month.

2. "Level 2" requires at least one phone call or email each quarter.

3. "Level 3" should be contacted at least once a year.

70. include small contacts on your agenda

You need to include small contacts in one of your work scopes.

71. In the name of an individual

If you try your best to keep all information in your own name.

72. Do not forget your birthday

Your birthday should be your best contact opportunity.

73. Eat with the "Main Force"

We have established relationships with older, more intelligent, and more experienced people. These people are the "main force ". Eat with them and charge them some power at the same time.

74. Be an interesting person

In fact, everyone you see will ask yourself a question similar to this: "Is it necessary for me to spend an hour with this person for lunch ?"

75. Be a content-based person

Content is the professionalism of knowledge. Is what makes you different. Let you have a unique brand. Therefore, you must have your own unique insights.

76. Keep learning and sharing your content without reservation

Different from others, you must learn, share, and sell your content without mercy.

77. Get others' content

Sometimes you can easily turn others' ideas into your own content. And then share and apply these ideas.

78. provide your own content

For other times, you have to use your brains to provide your own content. You need to understand all kinds of information, and then concatenate them in a different way.

79. Attention

Once there is a resonance, it will attract attention. What you want to provide is simple: vivid stories.

80. Become an expert

The most common way to become a content creator is to become an expert. What experts do: Teach, write, and give your professional knowledge to others.

81. What you want to learn

It is the best way to learn and understand others.

82. Use stories to express your content

Powerful content is expressed in the form of stories, which can help achieve the goal. When you tell a story, use your feelings to convince those who are skeptical.

83. Establish a personal brand

A strong brand is very competitive, but it is always based on the value of providing products rather than the description. A good personal brand can do three things: make others feel authentic, trustworthy, distinctive, and trustworthy.

84. Make yourself unique

Your brand expresses what you can provide, why you are special, and why they keep in touch with you.

85. Increasing value

When becoming a brand, you need to focus on what you do and constantly increase value. This means you need to constantly surpass.

86. Build a personal brand logo

What do you want others to think of when they hear your name? Your brand logo should include all the words that people will use when they mention you.

87. Package Your brand

To look valuable, you need to look bright and professional. So why not create a personal website?

88. Promote your brand

If you do not promote yourself, no one else will. Your success depends on how others recognize your work, and it depends on the quality of your work.

89. Maintain contact with the media

You should keep in touch with the media from now on, instead of looking for them until you really want to tell them the story.

90. Promote the information content rather than the author

What you promote to everyone should be your sense of mission, not your pride.

91. Co-Writing

If your writing skills are poor, you can write with others. By writing together in this way, you will not have many contacts, which will increase your internet traffic index.

92. Write an article

Writing articles can greatly promote your career development. This allows you to be noticed in a short time.

93. Insist on writing to become a good writer

To be a good writer: "writing, then writing. When you finish writing, continue writing"

94. interact with celebrities

Do you only have contact with the younger generation? You need to focus on some important people, which will bring a lot of difference to the lives of you and your friends.

95. Build Trust

Trust is the key to approaching these authority. There is no ulterior motive for letting others trust your contact with them. Let others trust you and treat them as ordinary people rather than stars

96. Join the Association

There are various associations. If you want to face with influential people, you must first become a participant.

97. Create your own club

Sometimes you have to join some valuable clubs, but you cannot participate for various reasons. Why not start a club on your own? Develop your own promotion plan and create a new organization. Invite those you want to join your organization.

98. Modesty

Arrogance is a disease that will make you forget your real friends and their importance. Be humble when you make progress. Help others make progress with you, or even surpass you.

99. review your past

Review your past and keep in touch with those who are important to you from an early age.

100. Find several mentors

Find a mentor who is talented, experienced, and willing to invest time to help you make progress. Instead of deciding your career development direction based on salary and reputation.

101. Take the lead of the family

You must have an expert. There are many people around you who can learn.

102 establish good mentoring relationships

Successful mentoring relationships require both effects and enthusiasm. The effect means that you can let the teacher see the impact he has on you. Passion means that your mentor will invest in your progress.

103 find several apprentices

When you continue to develop, you must look back and help others. You will learn a lot from your students

104 adhere to principles

Communication should be a forward development, rather than a backward compromise. Interactions with people must not violate their own values.

105. Do not try to balance your career with your private life

You should provide the same value to people of different customs. Instead of dividing life into work and life.

106. build close friendship

How many people can go into your house and open the refrigerator to find food? With close friends, you will be happy.

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