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In the Internet era, learning English is actually very simple, but most people spend more time searching for English learning materials than learning English. Below are some of my own ways of learning through the Internet. Believe it or not, in the past three years, I barely passed level 4 to 210 of the advanced interpretation test and 232 of the oral test. When I was looking for a job for an interview, I was given a verbal examiner who told me that you didn't have to take an exam in English for one minute. I dare not say that my method must be the best, but I can assure that from now on, no one needs to look for learning materials. Every day, I spend two hours doing what I said, the improvement in three months will be more than three years.

If you don't need to talk about it, read and write it one by one.
The representative forum on the Internet is the rich listening resources on pute Some materials on Hujiang and Wangwang are also very good, just pick a website in the middle and stick to it. But never listen to them one by one. Remember, in the initial stage, 100 articles are heard once. For example, 100 articles are listened. If the foundation is relatively weak, then listen to two low-speed VOA articles every day (which is probably a little harder than Level 4 listening), read the original article 10 times each time, and find out the meaning of each word, listen again for more than 10 times. Make sure that you will be impatient when you go back to listening to level 4 or level 6 in two weeks. After the slow speed, you can listen to the normal speed, or listen to the audio as a supplement.

You can find talkshow, for example Saturday night, which is available on Youku or Tudou.

Don't ask if this works. I have been doing this for three months. I don't need to watch subtitles for most of my time.

By the way, the role of the Forum should not be discussed in the forum. Do not expect others to look up the dictionary for you. others' time is also time. But if you don't understand a sentence, don't worry about it. In addition, you must know how to report to others, and have the ability to answer others' questions as long as possible.

It was amazing to say that at first I only planned to pass the hearing test. I had to follow the above steps for three months, but I followed the reading at the same time. Later, it was boring to listen too badly, it will be carried back along with the recording. After two months, it will be natural to speak English. Looking back, it seems very difficult to get started with the English language, but it is the same if you go in. However, the English-Chinese Translation of high-definition training is still very useful. In fact, we can use the new concept materials to do this. It is nothing more than reading the English language to speak Chinese and then looking at the Chinese language to speak English, and then correcting it against the original text.

I was not a natural language expert, and I took the CET4 twice. Now, people around me think that I am very good at English. In fact, as long as I can learn my methods, it depends on whether you can stick to it.

One of the basics of reading is the amount of words. If words are not enough, reading is painful, not enjoyable. Four-level words are the minimum requirement. If there is a four-level Foundation and the syntax can be used together, we recommend that you read articles directly on a foreign newspaper website. We suggest you read The Economist,, or the New York Times At first, there will be a lot of new words, and it is quite uncomfortable, but you must stick to it. Remember to understand all the words you don't know.

What should I do if I encounter a word that won't, search Google dictionary, or Wei trial dictionary online version of

If you remember what to do today and forget about tomorrow, the simplest way is to find a special notebook and remember it with you. If you can frequently access the Internet, you can also try the website to memorize words online. The biggest advantage of comparing it with your book is that you are not afraid of losing your learning record, and it has the memory curve function to remind you to review.

In addition, the simplest part of English reading materials is professional articles, followed by News, and the most difficult part is novels. It took me more than a year to read the New York times without any effort, but it took me a long time to read Da Vinci Code. But after reading a hundred pages of novels, the sense of accomplishment is incomparable to reading several articles.

This depends on your personal goals. If you want to communicate with others by email, writing in the previous three steps is no longer a problem.
If you still want to write, you can go to the Wall Street Journal Chinese version of the content, you can learn through comparison how to use English for correct and beautiful expression. In addition, is also a good choice.

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