As long as Wen Jiabao is in place, house prices will continue to soar

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Because Wen Jiabao's general policy of controlling house prices is to control house prices in the form of general commodities in western economics.

Wen believes that increasing developers' house creation costs can be used to control house prices,

So the second year after he came to power, he introduced a killer policy: to significantly increase land prices.

As a result, it is natural that the price of the house is surging along with the land price.

It should be noted that, one year before he came to power, his house price in Beijing fell.

Therefore, Wen Jiabao has controlled the house price for nearly 10 years, but it has doubled the house price by 3 to 6 times. The reason is his theoretical error. Simply increasing the cost of building a house will only transfer the appreciation of finished products to buyers, without any restrictions on curbing property manufacturers and speculation.

To really solve the house problem, the key is the real estate speculators. Now the vacancy rate of houses in the city is too high. My apartment was built in 50%, and now the occupancy rate is less than (including renting a house.

In addition, the method of checks and balances of real estate speculators increases the tax on houses. A household starts to collect the tax on houses from the second house, the second sets of 2% of house price, and the third sets of 3%, N % of the nth set. If you want to buy 10th houses, you will be charged 10% of the value of your house in one year.

Unfortunately, my genius policy cannot be implemented.

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