As3.0 adds texture effects to text

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The texture effect is not a text box, but an image is generated.

Use the copypixels Interface

Official explanation

Provides a fast routine for Pixel processing between images without stretching, rotating, or color effects. This method copies the rectangular area of the source image to a rectangle area of the same size in the target bitmapdata object.

IfAlphabitmapParameters andAlphapointYou can use another image as the Alpha source of the source image. If the source image has alpha data, both sets of Alpha data are used to combine pixels in the source image into the target image.AlphapointThe parameter is the point in the Alpha image corresponding to the upper left corner of the source rectangle. No pixels outside the cross area of the source image and Alpha image will be copied to the target image.

MergealphaThe attribute controls whether the alpha channel is used when a transparent image is copied to another transparent image. To copy pixels that contain alpha-channel data, SetMergealphaSet propertyTrue. By default,MergealphaThe property isFalse.

The alphabitmap parameter uses the bitmap generated by textfield as the parameter to create a text image with a texture.

As3.0 adds texture effects to text

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