ASCE1885 mobile development technology weekly (phase I) and asce1885 weekly

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ASCE1885 mobile development technology weekly (phase I) and asce1885 weekly
ASCE1885 mobile development technology weekly (phase I)

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Brilliant blog 1) dazzling progress bar Loading

Two days ago, our boss told me that a gif has a very good animation effect and can be considered as a loading in the project. I asked if I could achieve it. I saw that the effect was really good, there are still some new ideas, and the complexity is not very high, so it takes time to do it.

2) How is the cross-platform development era coming?

This article focuses on the recent cross-platform development of mobile development, and compares Xamarin, NativeScript, and React Native. There will be no in-depth technical discussions. You can refer to them as a topic article.

3) OKHttp source code parsing

Android provides two HTTP interaction Methods: HttpURLConnection and Apache HTTP Client. Both support HTTPS, stream upload and download, configuration timeout, IPv6, and connection pool, it is enough to meet our various HTTP requests. However, more efficient use of HTTP can make your applications run faster and save more traffic. The OkHttp library is born for this purpose.

4) Google + Team Android UI Testing

The Google + Team summarized some experiences and strategies in UI testing.

5) The best way to save and restore Fragment status in Android

After using Fragment over the past few years, I would like to say that Fragment is indeed a smart design, but there are too many problems that need to be solved one by one when using Fragment, especially when processing data persistence.

6) distribution and consumption of Touch events in Android programming

Methods related to Touch events in Android include dispatchTouchEvent (MotionEvent ev), onInterceptTouchEvent (MotionEvent ev), and onTouchEvent (MotionEvent ev). controls that can respond to these methods include: viewGroup, View, and Activity.

7) Crash error locating for Android NDK Development

In Android development, there are three types of program Crash: uncaptured exceptions, ANR (Application Not Responding), and Crash (NDK causes an error ). Uncaptured exceptions are easily located based on the stack information printed by logcat. Check ANR errors. Android requires that if an application does not respond to a user's operation within five seconds during interaction with the user, an ANR error will be triggered and a system prompt box will pop up, allow the user to choose to continue or immediately close the program. A traces.txt file is generated under the/data/anrdirectory to record the stack and thread information that the system generates anr exceptions. If it is a crash, this problem is difficult to check. It is usually caused by some fatal errors caused by NDK in the project.

8) Android & Gradle integrated NDK Development

This section describes how to integrate the NDK In the Android & Gradle development environment and compile it using custom android. mk.

9) iOS image loading speed limit Optimization-FastImageCache resolution

FastImageCache is an open-source library developed by the Path team to accelerate image loading and rendering, so that the image-based list slides more smoothly to see how it works.

Open-source function library 1) Fresco

Facebook's recent open-source powerful Android platform image request and loading function library has the following main features:

  • To save traffic and CPU usage, three levels of cache are provided: Two memory caches and one internal storage cache.
  • Supports progressive loading of JPEG images similar to web pages
  • Supports GIF and WebP formats.
  • Supports border display, such as rounded corner, loading progress bar, and click Retry.
2) Sweet Alert Dialog

Beautiful Android dialog box implementation, interaction and animation effect is very good.

3) AndroidDevTools

The Awesome Android Development Tool website collects and organizes Android sdks, tools used in development, Android development tutorials, Android design specifications, and free design materials required for Android development.

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