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AsiaInfo may January: Asiainfo may January


It was an accident to go to work at Asiainfo. I never submitted my resume or planned to come in. One day, HR informed me of the interview.


In fact, an old employee from Asiainfo worked as a lecturer in a training school. At that time, I was a student. However, this lecturer is really good at the level of food, and the class is full of tutorials, and he may not solve the problem. Is it said that I have been working for 20 years? I look down on him from the bottom of my heart.


So after coming to work, the first question is, how is the technology?


In terms of details, we can't say much, but generally, development varies by region. In this region, a province has a Backbone Development backbone to the provinces for guidance, and the rest of the provinces basically follow the instructions in the chapter, it can be considered that the technical level is normal.


Looking at the code, we can find that in the early days, some cool people established some good code and should be somewhat avant-garde at that time, but there were no updates for a long time, it looks a little old today. Some popular conceptual things can be found here, but there is no depth in practical application.


I think many aspects are related to the nature of the company. The target customer is the operator, with stable income. Compared with external companies, in the face of strange customers, all kinds of drilling needs will stimulate the continuous technical pursuit.

At the same time, it also forms a single solution. Basically, if the old employee tells you that this can be done, there is not much reason to consider other approaches, because in fact it has already been solved, so we will not keep improving.


Therefore, some comments on the Internet still make sense. If you have a few years of work experience and have a pursuit of technology, you 'd better not come here. You just graduated or have other goals, you can experience it in a large company.


In terms of working hours, new employees need to work overtime for three months, and they are free of charge. They will spend one day each month all night, and they are required. Therefore, in my spare time, it is relatively scarce. Of course, there is no reason here, it is a characteristic of the company.


There is also a new employee training, generally for a month. Most of the lecturers in the training were front-line employees. The content was mostly appropriate and specific work content. However, it also revealed that the older the employees, the more they did not speak, the more they started to speak, I don't know what the title means after the lecture. It can also be said that the business is very strong, but it can also be said that employees do not pay attention to quality training.


In terms of treatment, it is regarded as an upper-right level, with five insurances and one gold. It is tempting for new employees in the workplace. Of course, looking for a job is also very easy to find. Companies with the same treatment are not talking about this one, and it is said that the salary is basically not increased, resulting in a large loss of old employees, new users account for a large proportion.


So what is the ideal company?

First, we must take technology as the leading factor for development, and strive for improvement. It cannot depend on the old man, and the empty man occupies the development seat. This mainly depends on the management class.

Then, in addition to the business, we should have training in other aspects, such as speech skills and customer service skills. Because the old man has never been around for many years, there are so many new people, and different figures will significantly reduce the overall image of the company. What's more, the recruitment level seems to be much lower?

At the same time, does the management class have more contact with frontline employees? It seems that many of them do not know each other.


I have to say that it is a small company, but it is easy to satisfy these requirements.

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