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The Asian dating Alliance is an old-established Alliance and one of the few most reputable ones recognized. If you do not cheat, the alliance will give you all your income.And the income is very high !!!

The Asia dating Center Alliance is the world's largest dating site, the Asia dating center, which is set up to promote its website. The Asian dating Center Alliance provides a webmaster earning tutorial program that pays by the amount of registration. The webmaster or blog owner registers the alliance and places their ads so that once a netizen registers the Asian dating center through this advertisement, they will pay the webmaster or the blogger.

Asian friends are paid based on the amount of registration. Only registration can bring you real income, so how to guide registration becomes the main bottleneck affecting your sub-income. Let's take a look at my two revenue charts for deprecation in August.

1. Application URL of the Asian dating Alliance


2. Serving method:

After applying for an advertisement, you can add text or images to the desired position on your website to connect to the registration page. You can also connect to your guided registration page or pop-up. it is not an image of a consortium that is not needed. however, the image you use should not be too SEXY to avoid unnecessary troubles.
Other feasible and effective methods: provide member picture materials (you can write and write it yourself), introduce alliance materials, and introduce stories. Amen.

Your connection:Http:// reg(Replace the red area with your ID .)


Key promotion skills:

Key Recommendation 1:Get some pictures of the real beauty selfie, let the netizens add, or view the real information of the selfie. What do you think? It is linked to Asian friends. You can see it only when you make friends in Asia. This is the end of the day. One of the three is to be registered.

Here is a program with a very high conversion rate:Download a program that displays different dating information based on different locationsHttp://

Because this program displays images through IP addresses. For example, if you are from Hangzhou, all the people you visit will be from Hangzhou. If you are from Changsha, your access to Changsha will show information about Changsha. This induction effect is very good. Then someone else can click your picture to register. Register a member. The male account is USD 1 and the female account is USD 2. I have put this code on an IP1W website. The daily income is generally about 80 to 120 US dollars. Generally, one of the 80 users is registered, that is, 80 users can earn $1 for access.

Key Recommendation 2:Open this address to see:Http:// Kw = % D5 % F7 % BB % E9I think you should understand what I mean. Let you write some articles to guide them to register. I will not talk about the specifics. The imitation power of the Chinese webmaster is too strong. K may not be an ID. You can go to some dating website forums to write articles and guide others to register. The registration conversion rate is very high.

Key Recommendation 3:To optimize search, you must be skillful. You should go to Baidu to search for words like "Asian dating" "dating" and "finding girlfriends" related to finding friends and getting married, his conversion is extremely high. If you can make these words Baidu, google, and soso, you will be very lucky.


The other six methods are commonly used.

1. Use a dedicated promotion page or promotion station for engine promotion. You can modify a good promotion page on the Internet (preferably two or more pages), add your own ID, make a static publicity page, and connect to your homepage to facilitate engine indexing. This is the first step. More importantly, we need to optimize the publicity pages so that people can find your publicity pages through the engine.

2. Use tempting words for promotion. The sub-account has no objection to modifying your promotional materials (the premise is, of course, not against national laws. Do not cheat Internet users) such as "adult video chat rooms" (adult videos are prohibited by the state, adult videos are not supported), free international dating, night romance, and looking for Prince Charming, the girl in the dream and so on. In the prominent part of the publicity page, "please register carefully, otherwise you cannot pass the verification" text description. Because the sub-account is required to review each registered member, it will not pass any registered member, nor will it be able to generate profits for you. Therefore, improving the registration quality is also an important promotion link.

3. The sub-transaction allows you to invest in one code multi-site. If you have a beggar domain name closed by Baidu, use it. Baidu Bar, major forums, and chat rooms are good places. This is called QJ Baidu. Who is Baidu's old bully? Haha.

4. A friend recently created a promotion method. He is the outdated XX (not convenient to disclose ). It is said that 2600IP bills more than 250 million yuan a day, but it can still be determined that this method is not cheating, need to be officially confirmed. The inventor will make public when necessary. Currently, it is confidential.

5. Exchange connection method. It is to participate in the traffic exchange Alliance and promote the subaccount registration page as a connection to your website.

6. Participate in the ALEXA alliance on the premise that the alliance that refreshes the page can be displayed. This type of alliance has a lot of Trojans, so I directly bought the points to go to the sub-transaction offline promotion page. I spent 6 yuan to purchase the number of points that can be refreshed for one day. As a result, more than 10 people came offline on the member site one day. The cost is deducted, and the off-line dividend is Long-term. Haha, the amount of white brush traffic is profitable. Do you think it is appropriate? Of course, this method cannot be used every day, because the registration volume will gradually decrease. We recommend that you look for more such alliances. One alliance will refresh for one day, and one more day after 10 days. Let's just think about it.

7. Qq group promotion method: I am opposed to the spread of AD in other QQ groups, and the effect may not be good. In fact, you can create n qq groups to develop sub-members in your group.

8. Some people have big pictures on the right or top of the website, and often lament their poor performance. Some people have a text connection and feel that they are not earning money, some people make a profit .. I still want to do it. the specific skills are not skills. Do one or twoAsian datingPage, top mounted connections, top search rankings, search by netizensAsian datingIt would be strange if I didn't sign up for the page I found. So when I saw baidu yahoo google, there were just a few people who enjoyed it every day, and others sighed. Important sentence:Other advertisements are similar to this.. That's enough. After reading it, it's basically Asian traffic.

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