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Ask a very simple static page Ajax polling question

I'll answer that.

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The first knowledge of Ajax, there are many puzzled.
The page is automatically generated once static 20 minutes, assuming that the time a votes is 100, to 20 minutes after the time B has 3 people vote, again generate static when the number of votes becomes 103.
I want to know, suppose m1,m2,m3, three people to open the browser by the line to vote, M1 open the static page after the display is 100, after the cast is no more than 101. After M2 open the browser, at this point in the M2 static page The number of votes is 100 or 101? In other words, when the server is not re-static, M2 See the static page is the number of votes a time or M1 after the vote.
If M2 See is 101 votes, that period is how to pass value. Thank you!

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You can also use Ajax to return the total number of votes in the database at the same time.

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Of course you can.

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Has generated a static, how is the number of votes in this constant variable to be changed?

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With JS Ah, send an asynchronous request to the background script, after processing to return the relevant data, in the callback function dynamically updated to display the div~

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With Ajax, you can access your dynamic pages and transfer the data as soon as an event is available. You can also accept data

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With the landlord asked, I also want to know ~ ~ ~

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OK, I get it. Thank you! true techarticle ask a very simple static page Ajax voting questions I came to answer the site of the idea and solution to the first knowledge of Ajax, there are many puzzled. The page is 20 minutes to automatically generate a static, assuming the time a number of votes ...

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