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Ask an English question. if the other party says their FLASH uses plug in to connect to the database, he wants to talk about the one below.

1) ECHO a piece of front-end EMBEDED (embedded) JAVASCRIPT

2) use the web services on the server ..

Does he want to say "1" or "2 "?

Does PHP netizens usually use plug in or

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Plugin (Plug-in, addin, add-in, addon, or add-on) is a computer application that interacts with host applications, to provide specific functions. There are many reasons why applications support Plugin, including the ability of third-party developers to expand applications to provide unexpected features and reduce the size of applications; source code and applications are shared due to incompatibility between software copyrights.

Thank you,

This is a real-life story. I am still suffering from this, because I do not know what they are doing or talking about,


In the browserThe other party will say that this is an image in a browser,

If it is a web service on the server, the other party will say that this is a web service on the server,

But he said, this is a plug in. what is he talking about ???????????? Will they use C to develop an SQL server plug-in or even parse SQL STATEMENT ......

According to this mysterious case, what do you have ???????????


Do you have any questions?
FLASH connection SQL SERVER? Can this be done.

FLASH connection to SQL SERVER is normal
Now we use server-side script transfer.
However, SQL SERVER provides http-based remote access, but is disabled by default for security reasons.
After opening, only authorized users can use
In SQL SERVER 2000, this service is enabled by default. Therefore, the so-called "SQL attack" is generated.

Come on, this post. I got it in half an hour .....

However, I still want to apply what the other party told me at the time:

You don't even know what plug in is. I don't have time to resolve it to you .....

I think it should be a third-party plug-in.

Well, still #6 is correct

The plug-in is used every day. how can I forget it?

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