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Today Good morning, I was so sleepy that I couldn't open my eyes, so I took a day off from the company and should have prepared my graduation reply. I was going to borrow books from the library, it is expected that the service will be closed today. In the afternoon, Intel has a presentation at Minhang and wants to see it later. Who wants to be caught at noon on MSN and want me to go to Xintiandi to see XX. I had to say that I was not in the company and couldn't catch up. That project will start tomorrow, and the impact will be huge, even directly affecting the relationship between XX (China) and XX. I am worried that the relationship between XX (China) and customers will be ruined by me.
Today I did an extremely stupid thing, I did not bring my resume when I went to listen to Intel's presentation, and then I took the bus back happily. However, the bad luck was not over. When the traffic jam occurs, the car breaks down completely and cannot be opened.
The call back to the company, rushed into a hot bath to drive the body of the cold, just a little more comfortable.
The phrase "Have you found a job? Have you signed it? "
The message that can be heard every day is what job a person looks for, who has a monthly salary, and a depressing and impetuous atmosphere that is filled with the air every day, in fact, if you find a job that you like and get a satisfactory salary, you should be satisfied. Why must you be recognized and envied by others?
However, this does not mean that you should look for a job passively. Who doesn't want to get a good job? I won't give up. I want to stick to it!
In the evening, the company's network was suspended for a short period of time, simply carrying this back to school. While I was walking and thinking about it, I came across a foreigner with white hair and a cell phone or DC around my neck, I subconsciously looked at him and thought about other things in my head. Who thought, he looked at me and said "How are you? ", I paused and got interrupted. I didn't expect him to talk to me. I looked at his cute and kind expression and smiled. Then I didn't stop or go up the stairs. After a few steps, I responded. Why didn't I say hello to others? It's really detrimental to our reputation as a "state of courtesy". People are so enthusiastic about talking to me. I didn't reflect anything. It's really bad. I forgot what I was thinking at the time, how can I ignore others? The more you think, the better you smile. It seems that you are in a good mood.
Well, it should be like this. When you want to get angry, you will be angry. If you have enough, you will naturally be happy. Don't suppress yourself.
I just found that my sock had broken a hole. I'm so glad that I don't need to wash it at night. I can just change it for a new one.

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