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How can I configure the installation of the oracle8i client by connecting to oracle8i in PHP? the extension = php_oci8.dll in php. ini has also been changed. Are there other settings? Thank you !, I can use an oracle client when I cannot connect to it ., It must have been your configuration problem. check your php first. could you tell me how to configure the connection between PHP and oracle8i?
I have installed the oracle8i client and changed the extension = php_oci8.dll in php. ini. Are there other settings? Thank you!

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I can use an oracle client when I cannot connect to it.
------ Solution --------------------
It must have been a problem with your configuration.
Check whether the oci. dll file exists in your php installation directory (including subdirectories ).
Check whether the oci. dll file exists in the subdirectory of the oracle client installation.
If none of them exist, it would be hard to do it.

Because the current oracle versions are relatively high (and are written in java), oci. dll is provided by oracle itself and is no longer released with php.
The installed client should be consistent with the oracle Server
If you confirm that the server is oracle8, you may need to install a local server
You can also try to copy an oci. dll from the server.

------ Solution --------------------
First, install the client or server. second, establish an oracle connection. access the oracle database through the oracle client to ensure that oracle runs properly. third, configure php. ini file. remove the semicolon before extension = php_oci8.dll. copy php_oci8.dll to the system32 directory under winnt. restart iis, open the php probe file, and enable the configuration to check whether the oracle database is supported. in the net manager, run local command> Server Name> cinms to test whether the link is normal. finally, check whether the configuration of the editing tool is correct.

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