Ask someone to help test whether the shopex system can be used.

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Ask someone to help test whether the shopex system is still able to use the database and has no access to php + mysql. I just want to know the previously backed up program and whether the image can continue to be used.

The idea is: you have downloaded a set of ShopEx 4.85 versions. install this version first, and then use my old program to overwrite version 4.85. if you can continue using it, it is estimated that you will be able to access it, I don't know if this idea is correct?

I cannot test the winxp system. please add qq2558290716 for help.

Thank you.

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Since the database is lost, the previously backed up program and image. The program can also be used, but because the image is uploaded by the user, it will correspond to some data in the database. Therefore, if you want to reply to the previous database, you must find it. you cannot perform this operation.

Can't you test your local machine? You have not put it on the internet. how can we test it.

I used to know whether the database and images of the website can be used. if so, I will save the cost of website construction and leave a qq account. I will add you, I will pass the program to you

Download a version 4.85 first. it seems that the version 4.85 does not work either.

The best way is to contact the official after-sales or customer service

The best way is to contact the official after-sales or customer service

The free version is used. they do not provide technical support.

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