Ask the big team to give O & M personnel the right to think and make decisions.

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The old boy wants to say:

1) ask everyone to give the company's O & M personnel the right to think, speak, and make decisions. They must be the best O & M personnel.

2) The O & M department is not only a technical service department, but also a department that develops O & M systems, specifications, and various O & M management processes.

3) In most cases, developers focus more on the implementation of functions (due to a tight project cycle) so that O & M personnel will pay more attention to specifications, performance, and stability (Responsibilities ).

Among many large, medium-sized and small Internet enterprises that have worked full-time and part-time jobs in Old Boys, developers in many companies, even bosses (may not quite understand the technical details), have asked you for O & M work, it is normal to ask for requirements. This is the responsibility of our O & M personnel. However, they will pay attention to the implementation and deployment details, and even the details of each step of your operations, every operation step is bound to death! Wow! This is too long. Is Development responsible for O & M or O & M personnel responsible for O & M?

The reasons for the above problems are summarized by the old boy, which may be incomplete:

1) developers in most companies are dominant. this bad habit is formed from "small", which is related to the early development of the company and part-time O & M.

2) the company is small in size and has a development background. It does not pay much attention to the quality and capabilities of O & M personnel, and may even think that O & M is dispensable.

3) Developers and bosses do not trust the capabilities of O & M personnel. Therefore, they often think too much about detailed guidance and restrictions.

In fact, for an O & M engineer who is qualified (Note: qualified 2 characters), the most taboo in O & M is to fully listen to the opinions and ideas of developers or other demanders, if every time we ask people to draw a line, and then let's go, we will get rid of it. If you think about it, what else will you do to let you do what you do, will you be okay?? (Note: After raising your requirements, you are also required to finish your work according to their specific ideas)

The most important thing is professional O & M. We need to be responsible for the services we deploy, listen to other people's ideas, and we are still responsible for the Operation (not related to others ), it is right to refer to other people's ideas, but you must have your own opinions (the premise is a good idea, which means you cannot follow blindly. Please note the word "blind ). I have heard complaints from O & M personnel and developers and the boss before. "You asked me to do it, not my own. It has nothing to do with me. Are you kidding me ?"

Here, the old boy once again solemnly appeals:

1) as the company's big team, we should give your O & M personnel more thinking abilities and space to play. After all, they are professional O & M personnel. Otherwise, what is the significance of asking him to come, if you really don't trust them, you can ask them to come up with a detailed solution and then gather them to discuss the PK.

The following blog address is the old boy in a few years ago as the O & M manager personally and various departments PK experience, so far unforgettable:

2) After developers and other demanders are prohibited from submitting their requirements, they should also be instructed in detail about the O & M work beyond their responsibilities, as long as the O & M personnel can meet the specific needs of the demanders, it is good to solve the actual problem. The right to implement the process should be handed over to O & M personnel. A professional O & M personnel is more accurate and professional in most cases than competent developers.

3) For some big architectures to be launched and new projects, we can call everyone, including developers, to discuss and determine the scheme and implement it as planned (O & M operations ). Of course, it would be better to find more O & M, architecture, and DBA at the early stage of the launch. Note: Some companies have not separated their O & M, architecture, and DBA, so they belong to the O & M department.

Let's give an example that is ridiculous but can explain the problem!

Requirement: Let the O & M personnel install the system in the IDC

The Development Manager or boss may say that they will leave for the 001 bus at after getting off work with the CD drive of centos 6.3. Then, they are not allowed to take a taxi after getting off the bus. They must walk to the data center.

The above content may be exaggerated, but it illustrates the miserable issue of the prescribed route and detailed operations, today, an old boy's student asked a question about the kidnapping of the idea and ability of O & M personnel.

In addition, if it is indeed a large company, with a complete O & M solution to form specifications and processes, and an automated O & M system, the O & M personnel directly choose the option and press Enter, that is another question to be discussed. This article focuses more on the abnormal and nonstandard treatment of O & M personnel in small and medium-sized companies and shares with you the personal O & M opinions of old boys.

Statement: This article is only applicable to all individuals and companies (including full-time and part-time companies ). If any, please forgive me. Leave a mark for discussion.

Postscript: you can comment on this article to discuss the tangle between development and O & M.

This article from the "old boy linux O & M" blog, please be sure to keep this source

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