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I've done PHP for a year, and then I've been selling it for almost a year. Find yourself unfit for sales, and then continue into the arms of PHP. Does this sales experience have to be written into your resume?
In the last two months, I have been looking back at the code that I wrote before, though a little strange, I feel I can do the job of the code farm. But now the code is much less familiar than before, after all, stop knocking code for a year.
There is a crucial question, if the interviewer asks me about my work experience, if I honestly tell him that I've been running for a year, I'm worried that the interviewer will doubt the ability to knock the code.
If I told him I'd been doing PHP until now, I'd be afraid to show up.
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This time honesty is the best skill, but you have to think about why there is such a struggle, let the interviewer hear what he likes to listen to the content, this can not be the fact

First of all you have to prepare yourself, such as interview questions, PHP some basic knowledge of the familiar, in fact, many interviews it will not directly ask you these questions.
It is generally a technique to interview your technology first if the technology has passed. You say the question will come to personnel or leadership to ask, in fact, many times these problems are not very important (if the company really needs people). As long as the technology is thought to be possible, and your basic knowledge is solid, of course the thought should be healthy.
Landlord good preparation for the basic knowledge of the review bar, I wish the landlord early to find work.

Where is your company?

Where is your company?

Reference 4 Floor zy205817 's reply: Where is your company?
Nanshan in Shenzhen, I also in OH.

Reference 5 Floor zhangbin1988 reply: Reference 4 floor zy205817 reply: Where is your company?
Nanshan in Shenzhen, I also in OH.

What's so clever about Shenzhen?

Science Park ... Live in the vicinity of Baoan Ping Chau subway station

If it's me, just be honest! Because lack of ability is sentient, but lying as long as it is found, even if you have this technology into Facebook did not dare you

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