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Occasionally a valid ANSI/ISO program may be incompatible with the extensions in gnu c. To deal with this situation, the compiler option-ansiDisables those GNU extensions which are in conflict with the ANSI/ISO standard. On systems using the gnu c library (glibc) It also disables extensions to the C standard library. This allows programs written for ANSI/iso c to be compiled without any unwanted effects from GNU extensions.

For example, here is a valid ANSI/iso c program which uses a variable calledasm:

#include <stdio.h>intmain (void){  const char asm[] = "6502";  printf ("the string asm is '%s'\n", asm);  return 0;}

The variable nameasmIs valid under the ANSI/ISO standard, but this program will not compile in gnu c becauseasmIs a gnu c keyword extension (it allows native assembly instructions to be used in C functions). Consequently, it cannot be used as a variable name without giving a compilation error:

$ gcc -Wall ansi.cansi.c: In function `main':ansi.c:6: parse error before `asm'ansi.c:7: parse error before `asm'

In contrast, using-ansiOption disablesasmKeyword extension, and allows the program above to be compiled correctly:

$ gcc -Wall -ansi ansi.c$ ./a.out the string asm is '6502'

For reference, the non-standard keywords and macros defined by the gnu c extensions areasm,inline,typeof,unixAndvax. More details can be found in the GCC Reference Manual"Using gcc"(See section further reading ).

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