Asmack Search Friends report null pointer solution

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First Kind

In Connection.connect (); Before establishing a connection

Call this method

Smackandroid.init (this);

The second Kind

public static void Configure (Providermanager pm) {//Private Data storagepm.addiqprovider ("Query", "Jabber:iq:private", New Privatedatamanager.privatedataiqprovider ()); timetry {pm.addiqprovider ("query", "Jabber:iq:time", Class.forName ("Org.jivesoftware.smackx.packet.Time"));} catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {LOG.W ("testclient", "Can ' t load class for Org.jivesoftware.smackx.packet.Time");}// Roster Exchangepm.addextensionprovider ("X", "Jabber:x:roster", New Rosterexchangeprovider ()); Message Eventspm.addextensionprovider ("x", "Jabber:x:event", New Messageeventprovider ()); Chat Statepm.addextensionprovider ("Active", "Http://", new Chatstateextension.provider ());p M.addextensionprovider ("Composing", "Http://", new Chatstateextension.provider ());p M.addextensionprovider ("Paused", "", new Chatstateextension.provider ());p M.addextensionprovider ("Inactive", " ", New Chatstateextension.provider ());p M.addextensionprovider (" Gone "," Chatstates ", New Chatstateextension.provider ()); Xhtmlpm.addextensionprovider ("HTML", "Http://", New Xhtmlextensionprovider ()); Group Chat Invitationspm.addextensionprovider ("x", "Jabber:x:conference", New Groupchatinvitation.provider ()); Service Discovery # itemspm.addiqprovider ("Query", "Http://", new Discoveritemsprovider ()); Service Discovery # infopm.addiqprovider ("Query", "Http://", new Discoverinfoprovider ()); Data Formspm.addextensionprovider ("x", "Jabber:x:data", New Dataformprovider ()); MUC Userpm.addextensionprovider ("x", "Http://", New Mucuserprovider ()); MUC adminpm.addiqprovider ("Query", "Http://", New Mucadminprovider ()); MUC ownerpm.addiqprovider ("Query", "Http://", newMucownerprovider ()); Delayed Deliverypm.addextensionprovider ("x", "Jabber:x:delay", New Delayinformationprovider ()); versiontry {pm.addiqprovider ("query", "Jabber:iq:version", Class.forName (" Org.jivesoftware.smackx.packet.Version "));} catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {//Not sure-what's happening here}//Vcardpm.addiqprovider ("VCard", "Vcard-temp", new Vcardprovider ()); Offline Message requestspm.addiqprovider ("Offline", "Http://", new Offlinemessagerequest.provider ()); Offline Message indicatorpm.addextensionprovider ("Offline", "Http://", new Offlinemessageinfo.provider ()); Last Activitypm.addiqprovider ("Query", "Jabber:iq:last", New Lastactivity.provider ()); User searchpm.addiqprovider ("Query", "Jabber:iq:search", New Usersearch.provider ()); Sharedgroupsinfopm.addiqprovider ("Sharedgroup", "Http://", new Sharedgroupsinfo.provider ()); jep-33:extended Stanza AddressiNgpm.addextensionprovider ("Addresses", "", New Multipleaddressesprovider ()); Filetransferpm.addiqprovider ("Si", "", New Streaminitiationprovider ()); Pm.addiqprovider ("Query", "Http://", New Bytestreamsprovider ()); Privacypm.addiqprovider ("Query", "Jabber:iq:privacy", New Privacyprovider ());p m.addiqprovider ("command", "http:/ / ", New Adhoccommanddataprovider ());p M.addextensionprovider (" malformed-action "," http :// ", New Adhoccommanddataprovider.malformedactionerror ());p M.addextensionprovider (" Bad-locale "," Http:// ", New Adhoccommanddataprovider.badlocaleerror ()); Pm.addextensionprovider ("Bad-payload", "Http://", new Adhoccommanddataprovider.badpayloaderror ());p M.addextensionprovider ("Bad-sessionid", " Protocol/commands ", New Adhoccommanddataprovider.badsessioniderror ());p M.addextensionprovider ("session-expired", "Http://", new Adhoccommanddataprovider.sessionexpirederror ());}

In Connection.connect (); Before establishing a connection


Configure (Providermanager.getinstance ());
/** * Query User * * @param connection * @param serverdomain * @param userName * @return * @throws xmppexception */public Stat IC list<userbean> searchusers (xmppconnection connection,string userName) throws Xmppexception {LIST&L T          userbean> results = new arraylist<userbean> ();          SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("query begins ...") +connection.gethost () +connection.getservicename ()););          Usersearchmanager USM = new Usersearchmanager (connection); Form searchform = Usm.getsearchform ("Search.")          +connection.getservicename ());          Form answerform = Searchform.createanswerform ();          Answerform.setanswer ("Username", true);          Answerform.setanswer ("Search", userName); Reporteddata data = Usm.getsearchresults (Answerform, "search."           +connection.getservicename ());           Iterator<row> it = data.getrows ();           row row = null;           UserBean user = null;      while (It.hasnext ()) {user = new UserBean ();         row = ();               User.setusername (Row.getvalues ("Username"). Next (). ToString ());               User.setname (Row.getvalues ("Name"). Next (). ToString ());               User.setemail (Row.getvalues ("Email"). Next (). ToString ());               System.out.println (Row.getvalues ("Username"). Next ());               System.out.println (Row.getvalues ("Name"). Next ());               System.out.println (Row.getvalues ("Email"). Next ());               Results.add (user);         If there is, there is a return, username must be non-empty, the other two if there is set, must not be empty} toast.maketext (context, results.size () + "", (). Show ();      return results;   }

Asmack Search Friends report null pointer solution

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