[ASP. 5] localization-simple and easy to use localization

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Localization is also called internationalization, is a multi-language program, you can switch the current language to another language in one click. It is particularly important for multinational companies or companies that have business dealings with foreign countries; even if the portal of a common company supports Chinese, English and traditional, it will make people feel tall. There is no Ah, there is no! But Microsoft's support for internationalization/localization has been good, and now the localization code is open source, which is pretty nice. This is a minor introduction to Microsoft Asp.net5 's "Localization-dev" solution that can be downloaded to GitHub on the ASP.NET5 website:


Follow the usual "Localization-dev" solution:

The five works of the entire solution are of a role:

  • Microsoft.Framework.Localization.Abstractions no doubt, this is an abstract project, the interface and abstract class of external leaks
  • Microsoft.Framework.Localization This is the implementation of the above abstract interface.
  • Microsoft.AspNet.Localization This is the first abstract interface for the implementation of ASP.
  • Microsoft.Framework.Globalization.CultureInfoCache Some caching information for globalization information.
  • Cultureinfogenerator above the cache for different machines may be different, is to generate the code files of the above project

So the whole globalization, will be divided into three parts introduced:

  • [ASP. 5] localization-easy-to-use localization-globalization information
  • [ASP. 5] Localization-resx Management of resource files
  • [ASP. 5] Localization-asp.net Run-time multi-language

[ASP. 5] localization-simple and easy to use localization

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