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This is an old topic, because recently used, so there is no way to find information everywhere. Microsoft's Web site is provided by the database, always feel too cumbersome, but also said to use directly, but I did not try to succeed. I think it's impossible to use it directly. There is another way, is through a few page conversion, I use this method, by summing up the search to the data, sorted out after a few pages to convert. Mainly through the hidden input to achieve. The specific methods are as follows:
ASP goto page:
With an ASP page, the session information is written to the input, submitted to the page
"----------test Data--------
Session ("name") = "SRX"
Session ("id") = "1"
Session ("sex") = "F"
Session ("pass") = "Asdfas"
Session ("age") = "23"
Session ("weight") = "131"
Response.Write ("<form name=frm id=frm action=" "asptoaspx.aspx" "Method=post >")
For each Item in session.contents
Response.Write ("<input type=hidden name=" & Item)
Response.Write ("Value=" & Session (Item) & ">")
If Len (Request.QueryString ("Destpage")) >4 Then
Response.Write ("<input Type=hidden name=destpage value=" & Request.QueryString ("Destpage") & ">")
End If
Response.Write ("</FORM>")
Response.Write ("&LT;SCR" + "ipt>frm.submit (); &LT;/SCR" + "ipt>")
<%@ Page language= "C #"%>
<script language=c# runat=server>
private void Page_Load (object sender, System.EventArgs e)
Session.Timeout = 60;
for (int i=0;i<request.form.count;i++)
Session[request.form.getkey (i)]=request.form[i]. ToString ();

Allsession (); Output all sessions, annotated when used
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