ASP. NET deployment to IIS FAQ solution (404)

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ASP. NET deployment to IIS FAQ solution (404)

1. The corresponding. NET Framework framework is not installed
The frameworks below. NET 3.5 are installed by using the "turn Windows features on or off" area.

More than 4.0 of the framework to be downloaded through the official Microsoft website later installed.

2. IIS is not registered successfully
In the cmd form, run the following command:

. NET 2.0 Framework Registration:
. NET 4.0 Registration (4.5 Framework registration is also the following command, the 4.0 and 4.5 frameworks are displayed in IIS for 4.0):


3, the Site Directory permissions issues
Right-click the site folder, select "Security" and then tap "Edit" – "Add" – "Advanced" – "Find Now" to find "Network Service" and "OK", then give "Network SERVICE" permission to read, write, modify, etc.

If the site is still not displayed, then give the "NETWORK SERVICE" the highest permissions. If complete or not, add "Everyone" and give the highest privileges.

If the above operation is still 404 or the site does not display anything, you can modify the IIS "ISAPI and CGI display" settings, change the restrictions inside to allow it. Such as

The deployment of an ASP. NET site, first make sure that IIS is installed correctly, and then make sure that the site's selected application pool and the Web site have the same version number. If the error is usually checked in the order above, the problem is solved. When you're done with each step, remember to restart IIS and sometimes solve the problem.

ASP. NET deployment to IIS FAQ solution (404)

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