ASP gets the day article and supports the method of the day after the previous day

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Today, a friend of the group browsing my website, she said it is best to do a list of the day's content, users are generally lazy to look down. Feel very reasonable, this is the so-called user experience, hehe! Say you're going to get it! So get to 1:30 P.M. ...--

The content list is very simple, here is not much to say, first idea, define a variable to get the value to query the database. If empty, it equals the current time.

The definition of a variable

The code is as follows:
Dim variable name ' name yourself, I don't have a name.

IF request.querystring ("parameter") = "" Then

Variable name = Now ()


Variable name = request.querystring ("parameters")

End If

Second, to determine whether the date format is correct

I think it's important for him to be here when the program is done.

(Knowledge point: IsDate function)

The following is a reference fragment:
If not IsDate (variable name) Then
Variable name = Now ()
End If

Third, database query
(Knowledge point: A datediff time function is used here)

The following is a reference fragment:
SQL = "SELECT * from [table] where DATEDIFF (' d ', Database Time, '" & Variable Name & ') =0 ORDER by ID Desc "

Four, finally add a link

The following is a reference fragment:
One day after the previous day

One day later, you can add a judgment

<%if DateDiff ("D", variable name, now ()) >0 then%> display the link after day <%end

About this link, (*^__^*), I tried a lot of methods are not get the correct results, so the most stupid way, is to read out the month and a day, and then in the place of the day to add and subtract. Dear friends, if there is a better way, please contact me Oh! Please see the page of this site!

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