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Keywords | functions | operations

All the keywords and operations and all the key words related to the collection
HTML file Tags
Text typesetting markers
<pre> Original Text Style
<blockquote> Inward Indent
<strong>,<b> Bold
<em>,<i>,<cite> Italic
<U> Bottom Line
<strike> Delete Line
<blink> text flashes
<big> Large Fonts
<small> Small Fonts
<sup> text superscript
<SUB> text subscript
<basefont> Default font settings
<font> Change font settings

Menu Markers
<menu> Options Menu
<dir> Directory Menu
<lh> menu Format (i)
<ul> menu Format (ii)
<dl>,<dt>,<dd> Description Menu
<ol>,<li> Title Menu

Lines and table tags
<caption> table title

Hyperlink marker
<a> Anchor

Graphical indicators
Insert Graphics

Frame marker
<FRAME> Define Framework Content
<NOFRAME> does not support framework declarations

Form tags


VBScript Tag Index

Basic operations
+ numeric addition and string concatenation
-Digital Subtraction
* Digital Multiplication
/Digital Division
Mod Find the remainder
\ Quotient
& String Connection
^ The second party
= Equal
<> Not Equal
>= is greater than or equal to
> Greater than
<= less than or equal to
< less than
Not non-
And AND and
Xor Exclusive OR

Cycle and decision making
If ... then ... The ...
If ... then...else ... The ... Non -
else If ... Not if
Select Case ... Group selection criteria
End Select
For ... next count loop
While...wend condition cycle (i)
Do while...loop condition cycle (ii)
Do...loop while condition Loop (iii)
Do Until...loop condition cycle (iv)
Do...loop until condition cycle (v)

Mathematical functions
ABS Absolute Value
SGN plus sign
Hex converted to hexadecimal
Oct converted into octal
SQR Square Root
int takes an integer
Fix takes an integer
Round to take an integer
Log with e as the base
Sin sine function
Cos cosine function
Tan tangent function

String handler function
Len String length
Mid Fetch Partial string
Left to take a partial string from the beginning of the string
Right takes a partial string from the end of a string
Lcase converted to lowercase
Ucase converted to uppercase
Trim clears the spaces at the beginning and end of the string
Ltrim clears the string at the beginning spaces
Rtrim clears the end of the string spaces
Replace replacement string Part character
Instr determine if it is contained in another string (from the start search)
InStrRev determine if it is contained in another string (search from the end)
Spaces of any character number in space
Any character of any number of characters in a String
StrReverse Reverse String
Split a string with a character

Data type Conversion Functions
Cint converted into plastic
The CSTR is converted into a string
Clng converted to regular integers
CBool Convert to Boolean function
Cdate Convert to date function
CSng Conversion to single precision
CDBL conversion to double precision

Date Time function
Date Now
Time now
Now date Time
DateAdd Date Added
DateDiff Two Date Difference
DateSerial Date Setting
Datevalue Date Setting
Year now
Month now month
Day Now days
Hour Now the moment
Minute now minutes
Second now seconds
Timer midnight is seconds from now
TimeSerial Time setting
TimeValue Time Part
Weekday Week name
MonthName Month Name

Other functions
array           produce an array
asc              character ASCII code
chr              ASCII code character
filter          Filter array
inputbox        input window
join             merging elements in an array
msgbox          Information window
lbound          array lower bound
ubound           the upper bounds of the array

Const Set constant
Dim defines a variable or array
Erase Clear Array
ReDim the array again
Randomize Initial random number
Rnd obtain random number

ASP objects

Session Object
IsEmpty test Session variable exists
TimeOut set session variable life cycle
Abandon Force Clear Session variable

Application objects
IsEmpty test Application whether a variable exists
Lock Lock Application variable
Unlock Unlock lock command

Cookies Object
Expires set the life cycle of the cookie variable

Connection objects
Open to connect to the database
Execute opens the Recordset object
Close closes the Connection object

Recordset objects
MoveFirst move the record pointer to the first
MoveLast move the record pointer to the last one
MoveNext move the record pointer to the next
MovePrevious move the record pointer to the previous one
BOF test is the start of the recordset
Whether the EOF test is the end of the recordset
Open Recoreset Object
Close closes the Recordset object
Fields the child object reading the data
Number of Fileds.count fields
PageSize the number of record bars per page
AbsolutePage Set as a page
PageCount Total Pages
AbsolutePosition jump directly to a record

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