ASP. Mvc5+ef6+easyui Admin System (4)-Create project Solution

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In order to conform to the later reconstruction system, the article was rewritten in 2016-11-1

Terminology in design, concepts such things are too vague, we must learn to accumulate to recognize these conceptual models.

I can not use the article to detailed analysis of the deep concept of this system, need everyone in the daily work of practice and tacit,

Recommend a. NET design book,Microsoft. NET Enterprise Application Architecture Design This book describes in detail interface programming, aspect-oriented programming

Building a solution

Now let's start building our solution by building a class library, respectively.

  • APPS.BLL (Business layer)
  • APPS.IBLL (Business layer Interface)
  • Apps.dal (data tier)
  • Apps.idal (data-tier interface)
  • Apps.models (model)
  • Apps.common (General class Library)
  • Apps.core (Core class library)
  • Apps.locale (Multi-language file)
  • Apps.webapi (WEBAPI)
  • Apps.web (UI layer)
Add EF Entity Data Model

To create an EF model in the Apps.models class library

Select an empty model, then add entities (tables, stored procedures, etc.) after we create the database

Create a new database: Appsdb, and create a simple table, let's see how it's Used

CREATE TABLE [dbo]. [Syssample] ([Id] [varchar] () not null,[name] [varchar] (null,[age] [int] null,[bir] [datetime] null,[photo] [varchar] () NULL, [Note] [Text] Null,[createtime] [datetime] null,constraint [pk__syssampl__3214ec075aee82b9] PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED

The idea of ORM is to map the data of tables in a relational database into objects as objects, so that developers can translate the operations of the database into operations on those objects.

Create a new connection-----select Microsoft SQL Server

Summary of results

If you're familiar with the three-tier architecture, you can now reference the relationship between projects.

ASP. Mvc5+ef6+easyui Admin System (4)-Create project Solution

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