ASP. NET 4.5 Developer Preview released

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BKJIA exclusive release] with the release of ASP. NET 4.5 Developer Preview, there is also ASP. net mvc 4 Developer Preview. For more information, see ASP. net mvc 4 enhanced NuGet support.

The new runtime and Framework features of ASP. NET 4.5 Developer Preview are as follows:

Asynchronous reading and writing of HTTP requests and responses.
HttpRequest Processing Improvement
Asynchronous refresh response
Support for waiting and task-based Asynchronous modules and processing programs
Asynchronous HTTP Module
Asynchronous HTTP processing program
New ASP. NET Request verification function
Deferred "lazy") requires verification
Provide technical support for unverified requests
Anti-XSS class
Support for WebSockets Protocol
Bundling and tiny
WEB virtual host Performance Improvement
Key performance factors
New performance features
Share a Common Assembly
Use multiple cores to enable JIT compilation faster
Optimizes garbage collection for optimized memory
Pre-read Web Applications

New features related to ASP. net web Form

Strong Data Control
Model binding
Select data
Value provision
Filter by Control Value
HTML-encoded data binding expression
Inconspicuous Verification
HTML5 update

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