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I. scriptmanager

★The master page and subpage have the same event function. The subpage event function overwrites the event function on the master page.

★The child page can directly call the control of the master page. When the child page has the same control ID as the master page, the ID of the master page control is called.

★Multiple WebServices can be introduced to one page (master page, subpage, user web page, and web page,
The sub-page and master page can share a WebService, which can be placed on the master page or sub-page.

★When different WebServices need to be introduced to sub-pages, you can introduce them on the master page or use scriptmanagerproxy,
Scriptmanagerproxy can only appear on subpages.

★The rules of web pages and Web user controls are the same as those of master pages and subpages.

Ii. updatepanel

★When a page has multiple updatepanel, replace all updatepanel's updatemode = conditional, and then dynamically update an updatepanel.
Step: Register scriptmanager1.registerasyncpostbackcontrol () for the pageload event ();
Call updatepanel. Update () in the event function ();

★The control in each updatepanel can only be associated with the new updatepanel (provided that the updatemode of other updatepanel is conditional ),
To update an updatepanel to be updated by another updatepanel control, you only need to bind <asp: asyncpostbacktrigger controlid = "button3"/>

★Nested rules of updatepanel:
You can update the content on the outside, but the content on the outside cannot be updated (unless the updatemode on the outside is the default value)


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