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You cannot publish any text on the homepage. It hurts a little bit. Aha. This time, I will send another attachment for download.

A project was created some time ago. The attachment can be downloaded directly with a mark to find the file. However, every time you open a TXT file, the image is displayed. Are opened directly in a browser. Let's talk about all the tests. If you do what you do, I just open it. There is no way to download the file (right-click a custom menu). I said it was your system problem. Shut down my computer .. People say, you can all look at others... Then I can't afford it .. There is such a small piece of code.

In other words, testing and development are a natural enemy. Good code: Nothing happens locally. Once we get to the test environment, we will talk to them about various amazing bugs. Every time we talk to them, we will clear the cache and clear the cache... I hate testing.

In fact, the simple code is to add a global hanlder.


1 using system; 2 using system. collections. generic; 3 using system. io; 4 using system. LINQ; 5 using system. text; 6 using system. web; 7 8 namespace Wanda. siCi. UI. web 9 {10 public class attachmentdownloadhanlder: ihttphandler11 {12 public void processrequest (httpcontext context) 13 {14 string Path = context. request. physicalpath; 15 16 try17 {18 context. response. charset = "UTF-8"; 19 context. response. contentencoding = encoding. utf8; 20 context. response. headerencoding = encoding. utf8; 21 context. response. appendheader ("content-disposition", 22 "attachment; filename =" + 23 httputility. urlencode (path. getfilename (PATH), encoding. utf8); 24 context. response. writefile (PATH); 25} 26 catch (exception ex) 27 {28 context. response. write ("download file error, cause:" + ex. message); 29} 30 finally31 {32 context. response. end (); 33} 34} 35 36 Public bool isreusable {get {return false;} 37} 38}


Then add a configuration file, which can be placed in the root directory of your attachment.


Web. config

 1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 2 <configuration> 3   <system.web> 4     

If an error is reported, change % WinDir % \ Microsoft. NET \ framework64 \ v4.0.30319 \ aspnet_isapi.dll

% Windir % \ Microsoft. NET \ framework \ v4.0.30319 \ aspnet_isapi.dll.

At the beginning, I kept 500. Later I checked what I said to enable the 32-bit simulation of IIS.

In this way, the attachment will be marked for each download and will not be opened in the browser.

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