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Recently I have been studying ASP. NET cache methods, and I have read Li Tianping's "system cache full resolution" to record the cache I understand. The system has strengthened this knowledge.

The interaction between web pages and databases is very frequent, and the load capacity of databases can meet the requirements of such frequent web operations. A better solution is to use the Cache Technology in projects, when accessing data, visitors directly retrieve some relatively fixed data from the memory, reducing the pressure on the database from one aspect, which is also our web ProgramSmooth access. In the face of such a cheap memory market today, why try to use space for time? Now we will start learning. The cache can be roughly classified into two categories: Client Cache and server cache. Here, Li Tianping is used ArticleThe cache structure is as follows:

This article consists of six parts to learn about cache technology. I. Page output cache II. Page partial cache III. Application Data Cache IV. File Cache dependency v. database cache dependency VI. Third-party distributed cache please click the link above to read relevant content.

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