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Asp. NET connection to the LDAP database

The function of obtaining user information encapsulated in the DAL layer


Find user information by user ID


<param name= "UserId" ></param>


Publicdirectoryentry GetUser (string username)


String path = system.configuration.configurationmanager.connectionstrings["path"]. ConnectionString;

string pname = system.configuration.configurationmanager.connectionstrings["PName"]. ConnectionString;

string pwd = system.configuration.configurationmanager.connectionstrings["pwd"]. ConnectionString;

3 Connection database information is written in the configuration file

DirectoryEntry Deuser; Defining variables



DirectoryEntry de = newdirectoryentry (path, pname, PWD,;

DirectorySearcher desearch = Newdirectorysearcher (DE); Connecting to the LDAP database

Desearch.filter = "(& (Objectclass=userinfo) (loginname=" + username + "))"; Filter the comparison

The above sentence is modified to: Mysearcher.filter = "(& (Objectclass=userinfo) (& (loginname=" + Txtuserid.text + ") (loginpassword=" + Txtuserpwd.text + ")))";//As login is User account and password authentication

Desearch.searchscope = Searchscope.subtree;

SearchResult result = Desearch.findone (); A result of the filter comparison, stored in result

if (result! = NULL)


Deuser = result. Getdirectoryentry (); Get the filtered results and assign them to the Deuser

return deuser;







catch (Exception ex)


Logmanage.saveinfo (ex. ToString ());



Ii. configuration file Information


<add name= "Path"

connectionstring= "Ldap://,dc=123,dc=com"/>

<add name= "PName"

connectionstring= "123"/>

<add name= "pwd"

connectionstring= "123"/>


Third, the realization layer

1. Page Information

User id: (textbox box)

User name: (textbox box)
User password: (textbox box)
E-mail: (textbox box)
Buttonid= "Butquchu" (Read Data button)

2. Event function code

Protectedvoid Butquchu_click (object sender, EventArgs e)


Ldapdao ld= Newldapdao ();

String username = session["LOGINNAME"]. ToString (); Get the user account based on the login information on the previous page, stored in the session.

Labname. Text = Username;

DirectoryEntry de = ld. GetUser (username); Call the Get user information function in Ldapdao

if (de! = null)


if (de! = null)


if (DE. properties["USERID"]. Value = null)


Txtuserid. Text = de. properties["USERID"]. Value.tostring ();


if (DE. properties["LOGINNAME"]. Value = null)


txtUserName. Text = de. properties["LOGINNAME"]. Value.tostring ();


if (DE. properties["Loginpassword"]. Value = null)


Txtpwd. Text = de. properties["Loginpassword"]. Value.tostring ();


if (DE. properties["EMAIL"]. Value = null)


Txtmail. Text = de. properties["EMAIL"]. Value.tostring ();



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