ASP. NET Disable button to prevent duplicate commits

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Method One:

Add onclientclick= "This.disabled=true" only in the button foreground code; Usesubmitbehavior= "False".

Method Two:
protected void Page_Load (object sender, EventArgs e)
BUTTON1.ATTRIBUTES.ADD ("onclick", this.) GetPostBackEventReference (Button1) + "; this.disabled=true;");
Note: Do not write in if (! Page.IsPostBack), otherwise the script will be wrong.

The process is to click the button and set it to disabled, which is this.disabled=true.
Although the process is very simple, but there is a small trick (I did not know), is the button control is not used in the Usesubmitbehavior property, to make the button click after disabled, and the page (form) to commit, The Usesubmitbehavior must be set to false, otherwise the page (form) will not be submitted.

MSDN's explanation for Usesubmitbehavior is:

Use the Usesubmitbehavior property to specify whether the Button control uses the client browser's commit mechanism or the ASP. By default, this property has a value of true, which causes the Button control to use the browser's commit mechanism. If False is specified, the ASP. NET page framework adds client script to the page to send the form to the server.

When the Usesubmitbehavior property is false, the control developer can use the GetPostBackEventReference method to return the client postback event for the Button. The string returned by the GetPostBackEventReference method contains the text of the client function call that can be inserted into the client event handler.

For example
<asp:button id= "Dopublishbutton" runat= "Server" text= "Publish" onclick= "Dopublishbutton_click"
height= "30px" onclientclick= "this.disabled=true;" Usesubmitbehavior= "False"/>

When Usesubmitbehavior is false, it will be seen in the output HTML.
<input type= "button" Name= "Issue1:dopublishbutton" value= "release" onclick= "This.disabled=true;__dopostback (' Issue1$ Dopublishbutton ', ') "language=" JavaScript "id=" Issue1_dopublishbutton "style=" height:30px; "/>

__doPostBack (' Issue1$dopublishbutton ', ') is the ASP. If Usesubmitbehavior is true, there will be no such sentence, and the page (form) will not be submitted.
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