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In the past few years, it has helped several large and medium-sized customers in North America establish their enterprise sites. A major problem is CMS (Content Management System ). In the past few years, many CMS platforms have been established. The excellent platforms not only survive but also become increasingly powerful, or are only available today.

For many types of websites, in the final analysis, a personalized secondary development is based on a CMS. Therefore, choosing a proper CMS platform allows you to quickly build websites within a short time, saving money and effort.

Dotnetnuke and umbraco have a high prestige among many senior developers. mojoportal and N2 CMS are lightweight and easy to operate, which can often capture the hearts of small users, I want to tell you some stories about sitefinity.

If you want to create a standard content management website for the customer or yourself, follow the steps below to quickly build the website:


Install Visual Studio and SQL Server (if you have a remote SQL server, you can connect to or)

Download the sitefinity project package (see the attachment. I have added a set of exquisite templates for your convenience) and decompress


Step 1: Use Visual Studio to open the website sitefinity. The folder content is as follows:

Step 2: Press F5 or Ctrl + F5 to run the project. If you are not surprised, you can go to this page:

Step 3: Select sqlexpress or another type of database. Here I use sqlexpress as an example:

Step 4: continue until you see:

Step 5: complete the settings. You can see the management page in the background. The address is similar to http: // localhost: 37795/sitefinity_3_7_2136_community_blkproject.test/sitefinity/

You can also go to the front-end http: // localhost: 37795/sitefinity_3_7_2136_community_blankproject.test/to view your initial page, as shown below:

Step 6: log on to the background management page, select pages, click "Create a page", add page name, and then click "create this page" to create your first page:

Step 7: Then you enter the operations on the page content. In my opinion, this is one of the core of sitefinity. If necessary, I can introduce it in another article:

On the top menu bar, choose template: innerhome; Theme: emerald-blue. Then you can add "generic content" or other controls. Then you can preview them, or enter an address to view your labor results:

Sitefinity has many modules and powerful functions. If there are many followers, I will continue to introduce them to you.

Today's time is limited. If you have any shortcomings, I hope you can reply and discuss them. You are welcome to come up with different ideas.


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