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Set the window style to ensure that all controls on the window have the same external view and perception, and you can set the background view as this.
Configuration method:
Set the single-dataset window in the dataset, select a style in the response, and then click ignore in the single-dataset mode. Open the form generator, as shown in the following example. Set in.

How to layout controls on the Interface
Select the control in the middle of the selection. Select the local communications administration> location> comparison.
Or: "Board-> location-> automatic positioning selection" in "HTML designer" click to select "CSS positioning" "will use the toolbox, sticky or drag and Drop the added control to change to the following position and select "relative location ".
The following example

Server Control
The web control on the window is a server control.
<Asp: Label id = "label3" runat = "server" text = "last name" style = "Z-index: 102; left: pixel; position: absolute; top: 97px "> </ASP: Label>
ASP: label indicates label control type
Runat = "server" indicates that the control can be replaced by the lines running on the Web server.ProgramThis means that the agent can query and change any alert value of the control.

Ispostback adequacy
The page_load method is run every time the server sends the window to the receiver using the compute server, instead of the first operation. For example, when a single volume is used, the window may be sent back to the Web server for processing. Once the processing is complete, the web server will send the window back to the browser to display the processing result. However, it is not possible to initialize the rows during each display. If a commercial website is built, it will waste processing resources and cause performance problems. To determine whether to run the page_load method, you can check the ispostback response of the webpage. Such as replacement:

If (! Ispostback)

& Nbsp characters
Indicates a non-breaking space in HTML)

Controls autopostback adequacy
When you press the control button, the user will automatically return to the server

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