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This morning, we released the "Preview 1" "Preview 1") version of ASP. net mvc 3, which of the following can you get from the LinkID = 157073 download.

From the beginning of the ASP. net mvc project, we use iterative development methods and release preview versions on a regular basis during the development cycle. In a version similar to today's preview, our goal is to get user feedback-including what you like and what you don't like, and what you think is missing or imperfect. These feedbacks are quite valuable-and make the final product more and more perfect.

ASP. net mvc 3

As you expected, ASP. net mvc 3 is the next major release of ASP. net mvc.

ASP. net mvc 3 is compatible with ASP. net mvc 2-that is to say, when MVC 3 is released, it makes it easy for you to update the MVC 2 project to MVC 3. The new functions of MVC 3 are based on MVC 1 and MVC 2, which means that the technology, knowledge, class libraries and books you have mastered can be directly used on MVC 3. MVC 3 only adds some new features-it does not eliminate existing features.

ASP. net mvc 3 and ASP. net mvc 2 coexistence, you can install today's "Preview 1" on the machine, without affecting your existing MVC 2 project unless you explicitly specify the project to use MVC 3, otherwise, it still continues to use MVC 2 ). After "Preview 1" is installed, some new ASP files are added in the "New Project" dialog box of Visual Studio 2010. net mvc 3 Template-select one of them to create a project using MVC 3 for you.

The following describes some new features of Preview 1. Unless otherwise stated, all the functions described here are available on the preview versions that you can download and use today. In the future, based on your feedback, more new features will appear with the release of the preview version.

View Improvement

ASP. net mvc 3 "Preview 1" has made many improvements in view.

Add → view dialog box

Preview 1 contains a new "add> View" dialog box, which allows you to select the syntax to use when creating a view template file. It allows you to choose any view engine installed on your machine-to use any view template that you feel natural.

There are already many very good open-source view template engines, including Spark, NHaml, NDjango, and some others)-we can now integrate them more easily into Visual Studio.

In today's ASP. net mvc 3 "Preview 1" version, the new view dialog box contains two built-in view engines: ASPX and Razor.

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