ASP. net mvc 3 RC ValidateInput (false) page verification failure Solution

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There is no doubt that this is a bug. Many users have encountered this problem when upgrading to rc. In the past, normal submission was reported as long as the html Tag was included "... A potentially dangerous request is detected from the client. form value. "This problem occurs even if page verification is disabled in web. config.

For the causes and solutions, see:

Changes to client input verification in ASP. net mvc 3

For other solutions, see:


I use the latter solution:

1. Add using System. Web. Helpers; reference to the background page.

2. Modify the httppost method of the request:


1 public ActionResult ActionA (FormCollection form1)
2 {
3 return View ();
5 public ActionResult ActionB (int I, FormCollection form)
6 {
7 return View ();
9 public ActionResult ActionC (int I, FormCollection formABC, string j, [Bind (Include = "Name, Address")] Student s)
10 {
11 return View ();
13 public ActionResult ActionD (int I, string j, FormCollection f, string k, string t)
14 {
15 return View ();
17 public ActionResult ActionE (FormCollection form123, string t, string t2)
18 {
19 return View (new Student {Age = 30, Name = "Akbar "});



1 public ActionResult ActionA ()
2 {
3 FormCollection form1 = new FormCollection (Request. Unvalidated (). Form );
4 return View ();
6 public ActionResult ActionB (int I)
7 {
8 FormCollection form = new FormCollection (Request. Unvalidated (). Form );
9 return View ();
11 public ActionResult ActionC (int I, string j, [Bind (Include = "Name, Address")] Student s)
12 {
13 FormCollection formABC = new FormCollection (Request. Unvalidated (). Form );
14 return View ();
16 public ActionResult ActionD (int I, string j, string k, string t)
17 {
18 FormCollection f = new FormCollection (Request. Unvalidated (). Form );
19 return View ();
21 public ActionResult ActionE (string t, string t2)
22 {
23 FormCollection form123 = new FormCollection (Request. Unvalidated (). Form );
24 return View (new Student {Age = 30, Name = "Akbar "});


Solution! This bug should be removed from the official version.

I hope this article will help you!

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