ASP. NET MVC 4 Getting Started

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The MVC design pattern breaks down Web applications into three parts: models (Models), attempts (views), and controllers (Controllers), each of which accomplishes different functions to implement Web applications.

The view represents the user interface, which can be generalized as an HTML interface for Web applications, but it can be XHTML, XML, and applets. The MVC design pattern handles the view only for data collection and processing on the view, as well as for the user's request, not including the processing of the business process on the view. The processing of business processes is delivered to the model.

Model is the processing of business processes/States and the development of business rules.

The controller can be understood as receiving requests from the user, matching the model to the view, and collectively completing the user's request. The role of partition control layer is also obvious, it is a dispatcher, choose what model, view, you can complete what kind of user request.

The second model may correspond to multiple views, and one view may correspond to multiple models.

Third, the MVC design pattern has the following advantages:

1. You can establish and use multiple views for the model at run time.

2, the view and the controller pluggable, allows the exchange of views and controller objects, and can be dynamically opened or closed according to demand, even during the operation of the object replacement.

3, the portability of the model.

4, the potential framework structure. The application framework can be established based on this model, not only in the design of the interface.

The ASP. NET MVC framework maps URLs to the server's code: Instead of mapping URLs to an ASP. NET page or processor, it maps URLs to the controller class.

ASP. NET MVC 4 Getting Started

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