ASP. net mvc 5-create an application within one minute using the Wijmo MVC 5 Template

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Start to use

To use ComponentOne Studio for ASP. NET Wijmo to create an MVC5 application, you must first install Studio for ASP. NET Wijmo.

Test environment: VS2013, MVC5, Framework4.5, IE11, Studio for ASP. NET Wijmo2014V1

File-create a project

After Studio for ASP. NET Wijmo2014V1 is installed, select Create Project in VS2012. On the Web tab, you can find Studio for ASP. NET Wijmo 2014V1.

Now let's run the program to see the initial effect. You may be familiar with this interface. Because the Wijmo MVC 5 Project template is created based on the Microsoft built-in template. We optimized the tag and CSS style to the Wijmo style.

Id {; = Title {; = DateTime? CreatedAt {;,), UIHint (= Priority {;, = Cost {; = Summary {; = DateTime? DoneAt {; ICollection <TahDoItem> TahDoItems {; Id {; Title {; = DateTime? CreatedAt {;,), UIHint (Priority {; Note {; TahDoListId {; TahDoList {; = DateTime? DoneAt {;Create controllers and views

Next, add controllers for TahDoList and TahDoItem. Right-click the Controllers folder, select "add controller", select the option and click "add ". Name it TahDoListController. Then select the following settings in the Scaffolding option window of the template:

Click Add. Visual Studio generates all required items.

Scaffolding will automatically generate a controller and add, delete, and modify all views required by the application. The biggest highlight is that these generated files have built the initial project file directory structure for your project, and you can also modify it, the beauty of the Scaffolding template is that after the template is generated, you can expand it as you wish.


Through the above steps, we have implemented a simple ToDoList. Switch to the ToDoList page. The application will create a data source for the model. First, an empty table is displayed. You can click "Lists | Add List" to Add a scheduler.

After entering the information, click Create to go to the Index page.

Now we have completed the addition, deletion, modification, and query functions.MVC5 application.These generated files build the directory structure of the initial project file for your project. Of course, you can also modify it, the beauty of the Scaffolding template is that after the template is generated, you can expand it as you wish.

Sample download link:

Tool download link:Studio for ASP. NET Wijmo

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