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Every new development project has to be designed from the start? Is there a common rapid development framework for wood? And it has to be ASP. NET MVC and Bootstrap? Do not create the database manually? Is the framework scalable for future business support? What's a simple feature that requires a day to build the infrastructure? Can you only care about the business I need?

There is a project based on the ASP, EntityFramework, Memcached, Bootstrap Rapid project development framework that creates a project with simple user management in just 3 seconds.

One-click Installation

Lazy One-click installation package: access password ed81; Double-click the Install.bat batch to add the template project to the VS project template list.

Fast Create

Just click on a "OK" button to create a background program with simple user management and login functionality, as shown in:

Run Effect landing screen

Admin background Main interface

User Management

Databases that are created automatically

Export your own project template

Example of exporting a project template:

Source Highlights Service Interface layer, completely reject the BLL garbage redundancy code

Service abstract base class
 Public Abstract classservicecontext:idisposable {/// <summary>        ///Database Operation Context/// </summary>         Public ReadOnlyDefaultdbcontext DbContext =NewDefaultdbcontext (); /// <summary>        ///Cache Components/// </summary>         PublicCachecontext Cachecontext {Get;Private Set; } /// <summary>        ///to dynamically set a new instance of a cache object/// </summary>        /// <param name= "Cachecontext" >Cache Instance Objects</param>         Public voidsetcacheinstance (Cachecontext cachecontext) {//Release the existing cache component first            if(Cachecontext! =NULL) {cachecontext.dispose (); Cachecontext=NULL; }            //Initializes a new instance of the cache componentCachecontext =Cachecontext; }         Public voidsetcacheinstance (Type cachecontexttype) {if(Cachecontexttype = =NULL)            {                Throw NewArgumentNullException ("Cachecontexttype"); }            if(!typeof(Cachecontext). IsAssignableFrom (Cachecontexttype)) {Throw NewArgumentException (string. Format (CultureInfo.CurrentCulture,"the type {0} must inherit from the abstract class Cachecontext", Cachecontexttype),"Cachecontexttype"); }            Try{Cachecontext= Activator.CreateInstance (Cachecontexttype) asCachecontext; }            Catch(Exception ex) {Throw NewInvalidOperationException (String.Format (Cultureinfo.currentcultur E,"failed to create instance {0} of abstract class Cachecontext", Cachecontexttype), ex); }        }         Public voidDispose () {if(DbContext! =NULL) {dbcontext.dispose (); }            if(Cachecontext! =NULL) {cachecontext.dispose (); }        }    }

Cache components that can be dynamically toggled during operation

Service interface layer specific business implementation

Are you neat about the new keyword? Deep hates?

All interfaces are implemented in a configurable format

No exceptions, no escaping.



The basic framework of the project gives you a quick start, and the more NB design also needs your further imagination to play.

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