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Why do you have to frame yourself?

Big guy, don't worry, let me tell you slowly! There is no such feeling, from a job to another company, the company's framework is often different, so you have to abandon the original, learning a new framework.

The problem is that you get used to a framework, such as encapsulation extension methods, factory patterns, entity mappings, and so on, you use very well, but to move to the new company, you have to learn the framework of their company, often you on this

It will take a lot of time.

So I had the idea to build my own framework, my framework used MVC4+AUTOFAC, and the following is my frame structure:

Myframe.domain Entity Model layer

Myframe.datamapping Data Mapping Layer: Mapping entity classes and database table relationships, where the database context resides

Myframe.idao Data Access Interface layer

Myframe.dao Data Access Layer

Myframe.iservice Business Logic Interface layer

Myframe.service Business Logic Layer

Myframe.common Universal Expansion Layer

Myframe.web UI Layer

The reference relationship between layers and layers

  Domain (lowest layer) = "Each layer calls;idao=>dao,service; Iservice=>service; Idao,iservice=>web

Entity base class
MyFrame.Domain.DomainBase: The Entity base class, the entity class all needs to inherit the Domainbase, now this class only has two properties, and so on slowly expands the consummation


Data access base class interface 

MyFrame.IDao.IDaoBase: Packaging the method of adding and removing, and paging, etc.


Data access implementation base class

MyFrame.Dao.DaoBase: Need to inherit idaobase,idisposable


Database Access Context


Databasecontext UserMap

Extended helper Classes

MyFrame.Common.Helper: Encapsulated a number of common methods, I use it more handy, increase their development efficiency


Pagination control

I used to be a pagedlist,nuget. Search installation Pagedlist.mvc, and then package themselves, encapsulated in Daobase selectpagelist ()

To make this control more extensible, write a partial attempt to _pagelist, define a paging model,

Why write for yourself instead of wrapping it yourself, because later pages may need to jump "home", "last", etc.


Pagination CSS


How to invoke it? Just like calling the partial attempt method, it only needs to pass in a Pagelistmodel


AUTOFAC components

Control reversal, similar to the components of the IOC container, by configuring the interface to correspond to the specific implementation class

Then call we just need to tune the interface on the line, reduce the coupling.

Component NuGet has its own download and installation on the line

Configure in Globl.asax

View Code

Through the construction method in the controller, the call can be

View Code

In fact, the configuration interface corresponding to which specific entity relationship, should be placed in the config file is better, this later slowly optimization.


This is a primary version, the latter must be well-developed, such as joining transaction transaction management, sorting, conditional query and so on.

If you have any good suggestions, do not hesitate to promote each other's learning.

Reprint please indicate the source, thank you!

Source code:

ASP. NET MVC builds its own framework (i)

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