ASP. NET MVC Custom validation authorize Attribute (contains cookie helper)

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A few days ago has implemented a field in the database encryption and decryption of the "use of Encryptbypassphrase and decryptbypassphrase on a field of MS SQL Server encrypt and decrypt" HTTP/

This time the custom validation authorize Attribute in ASP.

Before implementation, changes to Usp_users_veryloginverify, instead, to better understand and use:

Source Code

OK, above is the database aspect.
Then you need to write the program in ASP. NET MVC:

Use cookies to store login and authentication information, and to write a cookie category:

Source Code

In fact, the above CookeBase.cs is a collection class that can store multiple objects. In the real program, you want to store what information, you can write a class like the following to operate:

Source Code

Next, we need to create a validation filter:

Source Code

This filter is SecurityAuthorizeAttribute.cs and we will apply it to the controller later.

Then you need to write the controller, no, we don't seem to have written a few objects, like model and entity:

Models write well, another entity, which is the object connected to the data:

In ASP., a demo of login verification is required, with a minimum of two controllers, one for anonymous users, which contains normal pages and some basic operations. Another controller is a page that can be accessed after it has been validated.

Another controller:

Finally, the view is created:

Source Code

There is one more:

Source Code

It's over, here's a live demo:


\ MVC Custom Validation Authorize Attribute

ASP. NET MVC Custom validation authorize Attribute (contains cookie helper)

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