ASP. NET MVC Light Tutorial Step by Step 5--first form

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In the previous section we put the message list in the index view, it is time to add a message form, so that users add their own messages.

First, add an action method named "Write" in HomeController.

         Public actionresult Write ()        {            return  View ();        }

The Write action method is nothing to explain, then add the corresponding write view.

We still use an empty view template. Add the following HTML code to the view.

<Body>    <H1>MVC Message Board</H1>    <formAction= "/home/save"Method= "POST">        <label for= "nickname">Nickname</label>        <inputname= "nickname"type= "text" />        <BR/><BR/>        <label for= "Content">Content</label>        <textareaname= "Content"cols= " the"rows= "5" ></textarea>        <BR/><BR/>        <inputtype= "Submit"value= "Submit" />    </form></Body>

Now we can browse this page, click Run, smooth words can see the following page form.

Familiar with the HTML friends will not be unfamiliar with this code, a bit of ASP or PHP experience will feel familiar and kind. Note that the form Action property value is "/home/save" and does not appear to be a specific file. In fact, save is a HomeController action method, but this method does not exist, and now we will add this method.

Add the Save action method to the HomeController.

         Public void Save ()        {            messages. ADD (new Message {nickname = request["nickname"], Content = request["  content"], ReleaseDate = DateTime.Now});            Response.Redirect ("/home/index");        }

request["nickname"] to get the value of the input control with the Name property "nickname" in the form, if the form is in Get mode, should be obtained through request.querystring, and if the form is post, apply Request.Form to get the corresponding value. You can also express these two ways directly with request, as shown in the code. If you have previous programming experience with a certain web background script, such as asp/ and so on, then the current code is no different than it used to be. Note that the Save method will redirect the Web page to index.

After the Save method is added, we can start running. If the index view content is displayed at the beginning of the page, then manually add "/home/write" to the address bar, just like this.

Add some content to the page.

Click Submit to see our first message.

ASP. NET MVC Light Tutorial Step by Step 5--first form

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