ASP. NET MVC uses bundles to package compression JS and CSS

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Bundle it is used to compress JS and CSS (multiple files can be packaged into a file), and can distinguish between debugging and non-debugging, debugging without compression, in the original way to display, to facilitate the search for problems.

1.BundleConfig Configuration Bundle

     Public classBundleconfig {//For more information about bindings, go to         Public Static voidregisterbundles (bundlecollection bundles) {//{version} fuzzy match loads all versionsBundles. ADD (NewScriptbundle ("~/bundles/jquery"). Include ("~/scripts/jquery-{version}.js")); Bundles. ADD (NewScriptbundle ("~/bundles/jqueryval"). Include ("~/scripts/jquery.validate*")); Bundles. ADD (NewScriptbundle ("~/bundles/bootstrap"). Include ("~/scripts/bootstrap.js",                      "~/scripts/respond.js")); Bundles. ADD (NewStylebundle ("~/content/css"). Include ("~/content/bootstrap.css",                      "~/content/site.css")); //set Enableoptimizations to False for debugging. For more information,//please visit =true; }    }

2. Ensure that Application_Start is the starting program of the website program has Bundleconfig registration method

        protected void Application_Start ()        {            arearegistration.registerallareas ();            Filterconfig.registerglobalfilters (globalfilters.filters);            Routeconfig.registerroutes (routetable.routes);            Bundleconfig.registerbundles (bundletable.bundles);        }

3. Configuration

Bundleconfig's   Bundletable.enableoptimizations = False, and Web. config <compilation debug= "true" targetframework= "4.5"/> Indicates that the debug state file is not compressed
Bundleconfig bundletable.enableoptimizations = true; and Web. config <compilation debug= "false" targetframework= "4.5 "/> Indicates release state file compression

ASP. NET MVC uses bundles to package compression JS and CSS

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