ASP. NET MVC Web site development Summary (i)

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After one months of hard work, the studio portal finally ended the internal beta.

Carefully calculate, probably the site developed 1.0 version of about one months of time (mainly using spare time), then probably used for more than 10 days to test, improve, improve, final stereotypes. Feel most difficult is not the background code writing, is not the front page of the writing, but will be written by different people foreground and backstage very good splicing up (of course, if the front desk and backstage are the same person do, of course, there is no problem ^_^). It is also the first time for me to work with a studio partner to complete a website. A simple summary, team development site needs to pay attention to the place and harvest it! (where my main task is to write background code and background and front-end splicing)


1, must be clear division of labor before development. --(Clear each person's task, the best is not interspersed, take the front desk, if two people at the same time to make a page about the user, even if two people use the same frame will also make two different styles of the page.) )

2, the development must be clear before the development of the specification proposed (preferably with a document instance). --(This should be the most important place to pay attention to, because this is directly related to the back of the foreground and background splicing difficulty degree, for each page of the writing, there should be a unified specification to facilitate the code behind the integration, Marshal said: "A page should have a separate. css and. js files, and a module of many pages should have a shared. css and. js files to accommodate the common place, so that both the characteristics of each page, but also ensure that many pages of the commonality (improve code reuse), so that the site later maintenance is useful, and such ideas can be To use in many places. )

3, development, the need to establish a preliminary work schedule, the daily work progress (that is, how long to complete the project). -(This ensures that the progress of this project will not be dragged ... )


1, has also been developed in the past two small sites, but it is a person to do. This team collaboration, let oneself understand how to cooperate with others to develop together, how to coordinate multi-person development encountered problems.

2. Once again, the framework for ASP. NET MVC has been developed, whether it is the ability to write code or the level of proficiency in this framework has been improved to varying degrees. (Simple to manipulate the database this piece to talk about their progress: the first Web site (learning platform), when the most distressed is not know how to connect the database to implement the background code and database interaction, followed by a direct connection to the database to operate the database. As a second Web site (resource sharing platform), XML is used as a database, but there are many inconvenient things to do with database operation. As this site (Wingstudio portal), not only learned to use the entity Framework Core First operations database, and from its access to the way to expand the object-oriented way to access XML data files. --This is the growth of a step by step!!! )

3, from this site development, their own another harvest is to learn to use a variety of components (plugins), and also slowly learn to write their own components and collect a variety of components (learn to use components or write a common component can improve development efficiency).

  the above are all personal summary and sentiment, the next two subsections talk about some concrete examples of functional implementations. (such as the asynchronous or synchronous uploading of one or more files, the uploading of images ).

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ASP. NET MVC Web site development Summary (i)

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