ASP. NET MVC with Nodejs for push

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I've always wanted to make a real-time communication feature on the Web, and until recently, Nodejs was a good choice.

Here does not consider the beauty of the problem, a simple input push message, to ensure that the client can receive the push message,

Service side, simple code, refer to the following:

Introducing the HTTP module var http = require (' http ');//port number var port = Process.env.port | | 1337;//introduces Express module var Express = require (' Express '), App = Express (), Server = Http.createserver (App), Io = Requir E (' '). Listen (Server); Introduce module and bind to Server Server.listen (Port),//Output service start Console.log (' server started ');//Current online number var onlinecount = 0;var      Messages = [];//socket part io.on (' Connection ', function (socket) {//overlay current online number onlinecount++;    Console.log (' Current number of users: ' + onlinecount); Client disconnects Socket.on (' Disconnect ', function () {if (Onlinecount > 0) {//current online user minus one o            nlinecount--;        Console.log (' Current number of users: ' + onlinecount);    }    });            Receive data from the client Socket.on (' Fromwebclient ', function (webclientdata) {console.log (webclientdata);            Messages.push (Webclientdata);        Socket.broadcast.emit (' Pushtowebclient ', {hello:webclientdata});    }); Push client//socket.emit (' pushtowebclient ', {hello: ' world '});    Messages.foreach (function (msg) {socket.send (msg); });});


Client, simple code reference:

 1  var  socket = Io.connect ( '  
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Push the party as follows:

$ ("#btnSend")            . Click (function () {                var msg = $ ("# sendmsg"). Val ();                 var socket = io.connect ('');                Socket.emit ('fromwebclient', msg);            });

ASP. NET MVC with Nodejs for push

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