ASP. NET MVC3 Usage Phase Summary

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Some time ago, I participated in a small project in the company. The access to ASP. net mvc is not long and ASP. NET MVC1 is used before. However, ASP. NET MVC3 is used as required. I simply searched for some information on the Internet, and I usually learned one by one. After a period of exploration, I was a little familiar with it. Here we will record some problems encountered during the learning and usage process and Mark them. I. Razor view engine many articles have been specially introduced on this web page, which is very detailed. If you need it, you can search by baidu/Google! Personally, I feel better about the following:


  • Clear and simple syntax
  • Visual Studio provides smart prompts and syntax coloring for Razor.
  • @ *** Annotation syntax
  • The Html. Raw method provides output without HTML encoding.
  • Supports code sharing among multiple views (_ viewstart. cshtml)


This is especially true for those who have worked in ASP. NET MVC1 !!


2. Model verification the Model verification. If you don't need to talk about it, paste the Code directly. I believe you will find the advantage 1 [PropertiesMustMatch ("NewPassword ", "ConfirmPassword", ErrorMessage = "the new password does not match the Confirmed password. ")]
2 public class ChangePasswordModel
3 {
4 [DisplayName ("no.")]
5 public string StoreID {get; set ;}
7 [DisplayName ("current password")]
8 [Required (ErrorMessage = "Enter the current password")]
9 public string OldPassword {get; set ;}
11 [Required (ErrorMessage = "enter a new password")]
12 [DataType (DataType. Password)]
13 [ValidatePasswordLength]
14 public string NewPassword {get; set ;}
16 [Required (ErrorMessage = "enter the password")]
17 [ValidatePasswordLength]
18 [DataType (DataType. Password)]
19 public string ConfirmPassword {get; set ;}
21 [DisplayName ("current password 2")]
22 [Required (ErrorMessage = "Enter the current password 2")]
23 public string OldPassword2 {get; set ;}
25 [Required (ErrorMessage = "Enter new password 2")]
26 [DataType (DataType. Password)]
27 [ValidatePasswordLength]
28 public string NewPassword2 {get; set ;}
30 [Required (ErrorMessage = "enter the password for confirmation 2")]
31 [ValidatePasswordLength]
32 [DataType (DataType. Password)]
33 public string ConfirmPassword2 {get; set ;}
34} 3. Note that ajax is a Controller Action method. JsonResult1 public JsonResult IsExist (string Name) is returned)
2 {
3 JsonResult supjs = new JsonResult
4 {
5 Data = myService. CheckStoreName (Name ),
6 };
7 return Json (supjs, JsonRequestBehavior. AllowGet );
8} When MVC1 is used, View can be used directly, such as 1 $. getJSON ('/Ajax/IsExist/', {Name: Name },
2 function (json ){
3 result = json;
4 });
5 if (result = true ){
6 alert ("the one you added already exists, please add again ");
7 document. getElementById ("Name"). focus ();
8 return false;
9} But when using MVC3 and View, it needs to be changed to result. Data instead of using result directly.
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