ASP. NET MVC4 + Jquery + beautiful background UI + quick development framework formation tour, mvc4jquery

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[Switch] ASP. NET MVC4 + Jquery + beautiful background UI + quick development framework formation tour, mvc4jquery

I have been a farmer for six years, and I have been to a small workshop for a large company. Besides being a hacker, I am still a hacker. In all companies that have stayed, I feel that the project has not been extended. Is it because I have not worked hard? No! When I went to work, I didn't talk much about QQ, And I seldom watched action movies. I also tried to get a verification code several times.

In the past, I always felt that the project manager had reduced his work hours, and later I had done project management. Based on my previous experience, I had to estimate the work hours. In the end, I still had some delays, or I had to work overtime. I found that there are always some problems in projects, such as: the customer requirements have changed, the basic data import time is too long, the level of developers is not high, and previous projects have not been accumulated, every time it is developed from scratch ......

I feel that in the development process, I always do some repetitive work, such as permission control. In fact, most systems can be used in general, and data import, at the very beginning, I was really dumb to write, copy, paste, and modify data in modules, and often had right or wrong fields, and data interfaces, after the system is ready, it will take a long time for data integration ......

On this basis, I feel that it is extremely important to improve the development efficiency and an efficient development framework. In addition, the MVC and Jquery technologies are widely used. I have also applied these technologies to my own framework. I am trying to find a new framework to make future development more efficient and achieve the desired effect.

1. Front-end implementation

I used ext for a while before. I felt that this front-end framework was bloated, loading speed was slow, and I was charged for commercial use. So I did not consider it. Later I considered easyui and paid for it, in addition, I felt that it was not very flexible, so I used Jquery to implement the front-end directly and iframe to implement multiple forms, I adjusted the style to a better effect. The overall cost is not inferior to that of other front-end frameworks. In addition, I can save the copyright cost and reduce the overall cost. The front-end interface I implemented is as follows:

Home Page

Main Interface

Shows the main interface. It is generally added and a pop-up window is used for editing. The pop-up window is shown in:

Login interface

In fact, the layout of such frameworks is currently quite popular. The mainstream frameworks are based on this layout, and the user experience is also good. The background responds through MVC, because this technology has become more mature and more widely used, the overall use of MVC for processing may bring better efficiency and reduce complexity.

In this way, some enterprise applications, industry management systems, and unit information systems should be displayed on a relatively good interface. In addition, the compatibility is also good, and a set of such frameworks should be taken out, the customer's first impression will be good and will not be worried about adjusting the interface in the future.

Menu navigation provides three styles: windows Start Menu, drawer-style accordion, and tree-style accordion. The overall department is quite beautiful.

2. General modules

In most systems, permission management, basic data/business data import/export, document encoding, and email sending are all used. Therefore, this framework is also difficult to implement, these functions are flexible and can be used in any system. The effect is as follows:

The email communication component is integrated in the framework and provides interfaces for business system calls. It can be used to send notifications directly.


The form table uses jqgrid, which is very streaming and has powerful functions.

The above are some interfaces in this development framework. We will focus on the implementation of important technologies in the framework at the beginning of the next article, at the same time, the main code and demo will be released for study and use. Please provide more support.


Online experience demo address: 8090/


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