ASP. NET MVC5 use MiniProfiler to monitor MVC performance, mvc5miniprofiler

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ASP. NET MVC5 use MiniProfiler to monitor MVC performance, mvc5miniprofiler

MiniProfiler is a simple and effective mini-analyzer that can monitor pages in real time. Other pages accessed through direct reference, Ajax, and Iframe are monitored. The monitoring content includes the database content and displays the SQL statements accessed by the database.

1. Install

Create an mvc Project

Right-click the project to manage the NuGet package. Install MiniProfiler. Mvc4 and MiniProfiler

Ps: MiniProfiler. MVC4 NuGet package (MVC5 is supported)


Alternatively, you can open the package management console and enter a command to install

Install-Package MiniProfiler -Version MiniProfiler.Mvc4 -Version 3.0.11

2. Add the following contentApplication_Start()In Global. asax

protected void Application_Start(){    ...    GlobalFilters.Filters.Add(new ProfilingActionFilter());    var copy = ViewEngines.Engines.ToList();    ViewEngines.Engines.Clear();    foreach (var item in copy)    {        ViewEngines.Engines.Add(new ProfilingViewEngine(item));    }}

3. Add the following content to "Application_BeginRequest ()" and "Application_EndRequest ()", which are also in Global. asax.

protected void Application_BeginRequest(){    if (Request.IsLocal)    {        MiniProfiler.Start();    }}protected void Application_EndRequest(){    MiniProfiler.Stop();}

4. Add the following content to _ Layout. cshtml (</body>Labels ):


5. Add the following contentIn the Web. config section:

<system.webServer>    ...    

If you use Entity Framework in the project, you can installMiniProfiler. EF6Software Package, inApplication_Start()The following content is added at the end of Global. asax: MiniProfilerEF6.Initialize();

A simple monitoring of MVC performance is like this. In fact, it has many functions, such as detecting different parameters and highlighting the regions where the same query is executed. In this way, you can quickly find possible batch queries.

You can also record all ajax calls and view the analysis information of the last 100 analysis requests.

Result Display:


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Official MiniProfiler Website:Http://

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