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Application| in application usage is the same as the ASP, almost nothing to say, but it has two more particularly useful events, Application_ OnBeginRequest and Application_onendrequest. Their same as the original Application_OnStart and Application_OnEnd are placed in the global file (note that this file in the ASP name is Global.asa, in is global.asax).

Note: This event, write not write on is the same. Like Application_End and Application_OnEnd are the same

Application_OnStart is the first event that is triggered in the entire application, which is triggered when the first program executes in a virtual directory, and Application_OnEnd is just the opposite. is triggered when the entire application is stopped (usually when the server is restarted/shutdown). Application_onrequeststart and application_onrequestend occur when every program is requested, which means that the client accesses one program at a time, and the two events are triggered. We can see his application from the following procedure. We first set up a global.asax, which reads as follows:

<script language= "C #" runat= "Server" >

void Application_onbeginrequest (Object sender, EventArgs E)
Response.Write ("Request is starting...<br>");

void Application_onendrequest (Object sender, EventArgs E)
Response.Write ("Request is ending...<br>");


Then put it in the root directory of this virtual directory, and then we'll open a random aspx file
The statement we defined in Global.asax is starting ... and request is ending ... This is not the one we added to this file, and we will see its shadow in any file.

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